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The featured images shows a labyrinth or maze symbolizing the challenges faced in IP Life cycle or IP Portfolio Management. To read more click here.

Challenges in IP Portfolio Management

  Our previous post in this series discussed the value Intellectual Property brings to business and why managing the life cycle of IP systematically and efficiently becomes imperative. However, efficient management of the IP life cycle comes with its share of challenges that need to be addressed continuously and consistently to ensure smooth prosecution life of the IP. Today’s post is aimed at discussing some of the challenges professionals in IP face while managing IP portfolios.   Challenges with respect to timelines…

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The featured image shows a lifecycle chart with the words " IP Portfolio Management". To read this post, click here.

IP life cycle management: A primer on IP Portfolio Management

  The following article is brought to you by the IP Portfolio experts of BananaIP (BIP)Counsels, India's leading new age IP firm. This post will help you understand the meaning of intellectual property portfolio management, the value that it brings to businesses and the strategies to be adopted for effective IP Portfolio management. The value that Intellectual Property brings to business is well established. The steady growth of Intellectual Property filings and the increase in IP centric business transactions over the past decade is a…

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