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Open Spaces and Closed Minds

Are IP attorneys expected to behave in a particular way? Always formal, poker faced and polished? Why are we driven by these unsaid, yet strictly imposed, diligently followed and unbelievably fettered, so called "professional etiquette." I feel suffocated and wrongfully restrained by these norms, and wonder if all attorneys have to live with them for a life time. Shedding some of those chains, I am sharing one of my more light-hearted experiences as a patent attorney. I hope you will enjoy it.…

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IP for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs - Part 6 - IP Risks

Importance of IP For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Part VI): IP Risks

More often than not, start-ups focus on protecting their intellectual property, but ignore risks from intellectual property of third parties. IP of third parties may kill a business if appropriate risk clearance measures are not taken at the right time. While protecting IP is very important for start-ups and entrepreneurs, avoiding or mitigating risks from IP of third parties is even more important. A start-up company must take necessary steps to avoid the risk of infringing IP of third parties.…

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