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The harvest festival and Patents, Happy Sankranti!

Sankranti Muggu with flowers at Nizampet, Rangareddy district. The post is about harvesting patents. To read click here.

  Makar Sankranti, the harvest festival is celebrated in almost all parts of the country in various cultural forms with great devotion. It is believed that it is on this day that the glorious Sun God begins his ascendancy  into the Northern hemisphere. Also, this is the only Indian festival celebrated on a fixed calendar day of the solar calendar. All other Indian festivals are celebrated as per the lunar calendar, which makes their days of celebration on the solar calendar vary every year. This festival is called Poush Parbon in West Bengal, Sakraat in Bihar, Uttarayan in Gujarat, Lohri in...

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Finding Ideas, Inventions and Creations in Companies – IP Audits III

Intellectual Property

  Every company has a ton of ideas, potential intellectual assets, waiting to be found. Excavating/Mining all of them is not very easy because they are often lurking in the haystack of information, materials and minds. The task requires special research skills, knowledge of business processes, unique people skills, extensive document review, and keen/informed minds. The quantity and quality of ideas that can be mined always depends on the skills and abilities of the miner/auditor. The Process The process of finding ideas involves three basic steps. They are: Business and Technology Review; Business/Technology Information and Material Gathering and Review; and Interviews with select...

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Ten Titans of the IP blog world

The custom image depicts a ribbon of honor inscribed with the words"World's BEST IP Blogs, Top 10" This post is about the best IP blogs featured on sinapse. To read more click here.

Last year in the month of December 2015, we ran a month long series acknowledging and appreciating some of the best IP blogs across the world. The blogs that were featured in the series called "World's Best IP Blogs" were primarily those blogs who have made and continue to make constant efforts in keeping us all abreast with the latest IP news, information and updates. While all of the blogs featured during the series are the best of the lot, this post brings to you the “ten titans” (as we would like to call them) in the world of IP blogs. These...

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Bluebook vs Baby Blue

The featured image is of the bluebook. the post is about a copyright dispute in volving the book. Click to view

Bluebook is no stranger to a law student. It is a uniform system of citation that is wildly used/followed in the United States of America. Harvard Law Review Association, the Columbia Law Review, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and the Yale Law Journal are the big names who jointly publish the book. The student editors from the Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Pennsylvania Law, review and revise the Bluebook every five years. Due to its undeniable demand by every legal professional, it is no surprise that the book generates substantial revenues every year. Recently the book has been the focus of...

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Can Supreme Court be the pain reliever?

The image is of the Indian Supreme Court. The post is about an Intellectual Property suit filed in the supreme Court. To read more click here.

  Recently the two popular pain relieving ointment brands Zandu Balm and Moov have been in the news . The manufactures of Moov have filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against the decision of the Kolkata High Court, in a disparagement suit. It is all started with the TV commercial launched for the promotion of the product “MOOV”. In the course of the advertisement, ‘2X’ flashed on the screen with a voice over claiming that Moov had double the number of active ingredients present, compared to the “leading pain reliever”. Emami  Limitied (manufacturer of Zandu Balm) claimed that  the controversial advertisement...

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Intellectual Property: Caring is Not Sharing

The featured image is of the Mercedes logo. The posts is about a tradesecrets issue involving mercedes. To read more click here

Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains, which makes engines for the Mercedes Petronas team has formally filed a lawsuit against one of its Formula One engineers Benjamin Hoyle, for disclosing confidential documents to a competitor. Hoyle joined in 2012 as one of the 4 Performance Application team leaders in the company and was set to leave at the end of 2015 and intended to join Ferrari after his contract. The suit alleges that he searched and saved files including a race report from Hungary 2015 Grand Prix, mileage and damage data relating to Mercedes F1 engines and files containing code required...

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World’s Best IP Blogs: Patent Baristas

For most people, an ideal day begins with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. The blog that we bring to you today is rather unique in its concept and content. It gives you the exact feel of sipping coffee while updating yourself with the latest IP news. Often featured as one of the top pharma blogs, Patent Baristas serves its readers with some “patent chat over a steaming cup of Coffee.”  Patent Baristas is an intellectual property news and commentary weblog which features fresh news on patent and IP issues, particularly in the field of biosciences. Stephen Jenei, the founder...

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Intellectual Property and Licensing- A presentation by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at IIM-B

This presentation was delivered by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala to PGP-Enterprise Management students at IIM-Bangalore, as a part of their Business Law curriculum. The presentation entitles Intellectual property and Licensing covered the following topics- Idea- What is an idea, example, whether all ideas can be protected. Patent- What is a patent, term of a patent. Protection Strategy Spectrum Licensing Copyright- What is copyright, idea/ expression dichotomy, term of copyright. Protection with respect to copyright Licensing (copyright) Trademarks- What is a trademark, term of a trademark Protection Ladder Licensing (Trademarks) Information Trade secrets Licensing (Trade Secrets) Look and Feel Industrial Designs ...

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Social Media and IP : Part XI – Best Practices for Businesses

  Social Media is an integral element of every business today, and no business can afford to ignore its relevance. From employee policies to business development, social media has a role to play in several business related activities. It is therefore important for companies to devise and follow legally acceptable standards and guidelines for handling business activities on social media. This note outlines some best practices from the Intellectual Property, privacy and publicity perspectives. Devise and Implement a Social Media Policy In this age of social media, every company must have a social media policy. A policy that outlines what role social media...

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The Collapsible Bicycle

  Earlier this year, the USPTO published a patent application, filed by the American automaker Ford, for a new car that would give users an option to remove certain car parts and reassemble them into a bicycle. The invention titled as “Collapsible Bicycle” could become an important innovation in the field of future mobility. The publication discloses a bicycle that can be stored in the body of a vehicle. With the new proposal, the automobile giant is trying to solve the problem of lack of parking space in a heavily populated city. The proposal also puts forward the possibility of allowing...

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