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'Sri Sharanam Ayyappa', ‘Dengue Don' , and ‘Raashee’, Trademark Case Decisions

‘Sri Sharanam Ayyappa’, ‘Dengue Don’ , and ‘Raashee’, Trademark Case Decisions

Recent trademark rulings by the Delhi and Bombay High Courts address infringement and damages in cases involving ‘Sri Sharanam Ayyappa’, ‘Dengue Don’, and ‘Raashee’ trademarks. Continue Reading ‘Sri Sharanam Ayyappa’, ‘Dengue Don’ , and ‘Raashee’, Trademark Case Decisions

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Injunction on use of similar labels, prima facie injunction of Patent Claims and more…

Officer’s Choice Trademark, Zinking Patent and Baoji Footwear Cases

This post highlights recent decisions by the High Court of Delhi and Himachal Pradesh on intellectual property rights, focusing on trademark and patent infringement cases. The cases involve disputes over whisky label similarities, fertilizer patent claims, and the contentious use of a registered trademark. Care Notes Officer's Choice Vs. Peace Maker Prestige Whisky: The Delhi High Court injuncts the use of a similar label. In a case involving the labels of Officer's Choice and Peace Maker for whisky, the Delhi High…

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Courts Award Litigation Costs In Recent Trademark Cases

Courts Award Litigation Costs In Recent Trademark Infringement Cases

This post discusses three 2023 Delhi High Court cases on trademark infringement, where plaintiffs received litigation costs. Each involves infringement issues leading to injunctions against further use of the infringing marks. These cases demonstrate the enforcement of IP rights and the financial consequences of infringement in the Indian intellectual property landscape. Continue Reading Courts Award Litigation Costs In Recent Trademark Infringement Cases

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OTT Giants File Infringement Suit Against Forty Rogue Websites for Online Piracy

The plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit against 40 defendants seeking a permanent injunction for infringement of their exclusive rights in their original content/work, protected under the Copyright Act of 1957. The defendants are rogue websites that engage in online piracy by acquiring the plaintiffs’ original content and offering access to infringing and unauthorized content available for download and streaming. The Court passed an interim order restraining the forty defendants from hosting, streaming, reproducing, distributing, making available to the public, or…

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Delhi High Court Fines Defendant 2 Lakhs for Infringing Use of “Sadda Pind”

The Delhi High Court passed an order granting a permanent injunction and punitive costs of ₹ 2,00,000/- to the defendant for infringing and passing off the Plaintiff’s Trademark “SADDA PIND”. Continue Reading Delhi High Court Fines Defendant 2 Lakhs for Infringing Use of “Sadda Pind”

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TTK Prestige Prevails in Its Quest For the Use Of “Prestige”

The case involves a dispute over the infringement of TTK Prestige's trademark and passing off of their products by KK & Company Delhi Pvt Ltd. TTK Prestige claimed that the use of the word "Prestige" by the defendants was an infringement of their trademark and causing confusion among customers, leading to loss of business. The Delhi High Court held that the defendant had failed to provide sufficient evidence to prove their claim of being a continuous user of the trademark…

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Weekly Copyright, Media Entertainment Law Updates

This week's copyright, media and entertainment law updates are as below -   More Than 200 News Outlets of Gannett Media Corp Sued for Copyright Infringement Stephanie Campbell, suing Gannett Media Corp. and more than 220 Gannett news outlets, has claimed $34 million in damages for the reproduction of her work without permission. The work in question, a photograph of former National Football League coach Katie Sowers, clicked by Campbell, has been published and circulated by Gannett Media, allegedly without her permission.…

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What are the Benefits of Working with a Patent Attorney?

What are the Benefits of working with a Patent Attorney?

A patent attorney can help companies to protect their inventions and to commercialise their technology. They can provide advice on the patentability of an invention, on the drafting of patent applications, and on infringement and validity issues. In addition, they can offer other services, such as freedom-to-operate opinions, due diligence reports, and patent portfolio management. Read More Continue Reading What are the Benefits of working with a Patent Attorney?

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Weekly Copyright Media & Entertainment Law Updates

Weekly Copyright, Media, and Entertainment Law Updates

This week’s copyright, media and entertainment law updates are as below: Producers of Rambo V: Last Blood File for Copyright Infringement The U.S. District Court, denying the motion of the defendant, RCN Telecom Services LLC, to dismiss, allowed the petitioners, the dozen copyright owners of the movie Rambo V: Last Blood, to proceed with the suit of copyright infringement. Defendant, an internet provider, allegedly failed to terminate the accounts of internet users pirating the movies over BitTorrent networks. The ruling comes…

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