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TTK Prestige Prevails in Its Quest For the Use Of “Prestige”

The case involves a dispute over the infringement of TTK Prestige's trademark and passing off of their products by KK & Company Delhi Pvt Ltd. TTK Prestige claimed that the use of the word "Prestige" by the defendants was an infringement of their trademark and causing confusion among customers, leading to loss of business. The Delhi High Court held that the defendant had failed to provide sufficient evidence to prove their claim of being a continuous user of the trademark…

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Image for Weekly Copyright Media Entertainment Updates

Weekly Copyright, Media Entertainment Law Updates

This week's copyright, media and entertainment law updates are as below -   More Than 200 News Outlets of Gannett Media Corp Sued for Copyright Infringement Stephanie Campbell, suing Gannett Media Corp. and more than 220 Gannett news outlets, has claimed $34 million in damages for the reproduction of her work without permission. The work in question, a photograph of former National Football League coach Katie Sowers, clicked by Campbell, has been published and circulated by Gannett Media, allegedly without her permission.…

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What are the Benefits of Working with a Patent Attorney?

What are the Benefits of working with a Patent Attorney?

A patent attorney can help companies to protect their inventions and to commercialise their technology. They can provide advice on the patentability of an invention, on the drafting of patent applications, and on infringement and validity issues. In addition, they can offer other services, such as freedom-to-operate opinions, due diligence reports, and patent portfolio management. Read More Continue Reading What are the Benefits of working with a Patent Attorney?

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Weekly Copyright Media & Entertainment Law Updates

Weekly Copyright, Media, and Entertainment Law Updates

This week’s copyright, media and entertainment law updates are as below: Producers of Rambo V: Last Blood File for Copyright Infringement The U.S. District Court, denying the motion of the defendant, RCN Telecom Services LLC, to dismiss, allowed the petitioners, the dozen copyright owners of the movie Rambo V: Last Blood, to proceed with the suit of copyright infringement. Defendant, an internet provider, allegedly failed to terminate the accounts of internet users pirating the movies over BitTorrent networks. The ruling comes…

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Image accompanying weekly post on copyright and entertainment law updates.

Weekly Updates: Copyright and Entertainment Law

This is a weekly post on copyright and entertainment law updates. Meta Responds to Copyright Infringement Lawsuit by Epidemic Sound Swedish Music Label, Epidemics Sound AB has accused Meta of violation of several thousand copyrights held by Epidemics Sound AB by allowing the users to stream, download and incorporate the sound recordings in their videos, on the music libraries of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Meta, in response has filed a motion to dismiss the case, alleging that Epidemic Sound’s…

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Image accompanying blogpost on "Latest Patent Cases in 2022 - Part 1"

Latest Patent Cases in 2022 – Part 1

This running post provides a summary of the latest patent cases decided by courts in India in 2022: MSN Laboratories Pvt. Ltd v. Novartis Ag. The present suit was an appeal filed before the High Court of Telangana against an ad interim injunction order passed by the City Civil Court, Hyderabad. The lower court held that the Novartis Ag had established prima facie case of infringement against MSN Laboratories Private Limited. Novartis Ag filed the suit concerning a novel and inventive…

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This image depicts a brand new MI 3 Phone which is a product of Xiaomi. This image is relevant as this article is all about the entry of Xiaomi into the Indian Market. Click on this image for more information

From China with Love: The Xiaomi Story

This post was first published on December 19, 2014.   Just a few months ago, this particular cellular company took the market by storm and made its stand in the 3rd rank of the world's cellular companies. It not only pleased consumers, but also gave tough competition to leading brands in the market. As a matter fact, the phones sold like hot cakes within minutes of its release on one of the biggest online shopping destinations, Flipkart. More recently, the company got into…

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Harmonious Construction Can Ignore the Term Clause

This post was first published on 25th May, 2012.   The plaintiff Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. has filed this petition in the Delhi High court against Amit Sharma & others. The case has been decided on 16th May 2012. Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. contended that it held copyrights over the song “Thodi si jo pee le hai” from the movie “Namak Halal” and prayed towards restraining the Defendants from using the “Thodi si jo pee le hai” in their film “Department”; from releasing or…

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Patent statistics, US PTAB upholds Motorola’s patents, Nvidia accused of patent infringement and more

“Indian Patent Statistics, Interesting Inventions, IPA4SME Campaign begins with a bang, first call for applications is now open, Vietnam in talks to develop its IP strategy by the year 2030, European Patent Office holds Search Matters conference in Munich, Germany, USPTO maintains validity of Motorola Solution’s patents despite objections raised by Hytera, Nvidia faces accusations of patent infringement” presented by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Patent Firm. Quote of the Week “If you didn’t…

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This is an image of a black-board on which the word News is written which depicts the latest Intellectual Property Updates. To know more about this image, click here.

Apple sues Qualcomm again, Major Setback to Bayer, Delhi HC allows export of patented drug and much more.

Intellectual Property updates Hello there Intellepedia readers. All of us realize that we live in a world where everything is instant. When one can have instant food, instant television and an instant date, why not some instant news? In our endeavour to bring to you Intellectual Property updates from across the globe, we are kick starting today a brand new approach to learning. All we ask of you is to brace yourself for the exciting IP journey ahead! Aikya prevails…

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