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Accelerate Your Patent Journey: Join BananaIP's Discussion Forum on "Getting a Patent in One Year"

Accelerate Your Patent Journey: Join BananaIP’s Discussion Forum on “Getting a Patent in One Year”

Join BananaIP Counsels’ discussion forum on ‘Getting a Patent in One Year’ for startups, SMEs, and innovators. Learn strategies to expedite patent grants in India and leverage IP for business growth. Register now! Continue Reading Accelerate Your Patent Journey: Join BananaIP’s Discussion Forum on “Getting a Patent in One Year”

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What are the Benefits of Working with a Patent Attorney?

What are the Benefits of working with a Patent Attorney?

A patent attorney can help companies to protect their inventions and to commercialise their technology. They can provide advice on the patentability of an invention, on the drafting of patent applications, and on infringement and validity issues. In addition, they can offer other services, such as freedom-to-operate opinions, due diligence reports, and patent portfolio management. Read More Continue Reading What are the Benefits of working with a Patent Attorney?

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Image for Weekly Antitrust and Data Privacy Updates

Weekly Antitrust and Data Privacy Updates

This week's antitrust and data privacy updates are -   Google to face more antitrust charges in the EU In a streak of antitrust proceedings ongoing against Google in India, the U.S. tech company is potentially facing further charges before the EU Competition Commission. In a Reuters report, it was stated that the EU Commission is likely to be in the process of framing charges against Google, owing to the slow pace of the ongoing settlement with the company. Google has been…

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Image accompanying blogpost on "Latest Patent Cases in 2022 - Part 1"

Latest Patent Cases in 2022 – Part 1

This running post provides a summary of the latest patent cases decided by courts in India in 2022: MSN Laboratories Pvt. Ltd v. Novartis Ag. The present suit was an appeal filed before the High Court of Telangana against an ad interim injunction order passed by the City Civil Court, Hyderabad. The lower court held that the Novartis Ag had established prima facie case of infringement against MSN Laboratories Private Limited. Novartis Ag filed the suit concerning a novel and inventive…

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Latest Updates on Antitrust - October 2021 - Part II

Latest Updates on Antitrust – October 2021 – Part II

This is a rundown of last week’s news updates on Antitrust: Allegations of Amazon India's anticompetitive practices sparks demand for US antitrust probe Ecommerce giant Amazon is accused of manipulating search results to boost its own product lines. Thousands of pages of internal Amazon documents show the company ran a systematic campaign. The Confederation of All India Traders, a group representing India's brick-and-mortar retailers, called for a government investigation of Amazon. An exposé by Reuters has shown how the business copied…

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Statement of Working to Compulsory Licensing – Are We Missing Something?

This post was first published on 8th April, 2011.   As pointed out by Supriya in her post, a compulsory license may be granted if a patent is not worked in India and reasonable efforts are made to acquire a license. Does the working of a patent in India mean that the patented invention must be manufactured in India? Reading of sections 83 and 84 of the Patents Act take us to that logical conclusion. The sections clearly point out that working…

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Cooling cricketers for hot Indian weather

This post was first published on 26th February, 2011 14 participants, 3 hosts and 49 matches. Biggest and most awaited cricket tournament ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 edition kick started in style on 19th February 2011 in Sher-e-Bangla national stadium, Bangladesh. The cricket fans all over the world are celebrating the event. With a strong Line Up, Indians are the clear favorites. Moreover this is said to be the last world cup of many cricket maestros along with the…

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The featured image shows the logo of toyota Company. The post is about a recent trademark dispute regarding the use of the mark PRIUS. To know more, please click here.

Toyota Wins the ‘Prius’ Trademark Dispute

Toyota, one of the leading giants in the automobile industry, sensed a huge relief when the Delhi High Court on 8th of July, 2016 delivered its judgment in its favour. This trademark dispute was pending in the court for seven long years, before the court found the defendants conduct to be dishonest. The Delhi High Court in the case of Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha vs Deepak Mangal & Ors., CS (OS) 2490 of 2009, also known as the Prius Trademark…

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The featured image is the image of a Tata Nano Car. This post is about the first driverless car technology introduced in india. To read more click here.

India Drives into Driver-Less Car Technology

The world has seen a great leap in the field of automobile industry in the recent years. While several automobile giants are spending money like water for the research and development of the self driving cars with advanced control systems, India has achieved a milestone by inventing a driverless car with low cost. An autonomous car / driverless car /self-driving car /robotic car is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input. An Indian…

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This image shows some cooked Basmati rice. This post is about the recent GI tag that has been given to Indian Basmati Rice against Pakistan's petition. To read more click here.

India Bags the Basmati GI tag

At last the long awaited GI tag has finally been bestowed upon the Basmati Rice grown in seven north Indian Basmati rice-producing states including Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand and parts of Uttar Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. The order was issued on the 5th of February 2016 by Justice K.N. Basha, Chairman, IPAB, and Sanjeev Kumar Chaswal, technical member, Trademark, IPAB. The important aspects of the order issued to Assistant Registrar of GI Registry, by the Appellate…

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