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Will ALPHABET get Google into Trademark Trouble?

This image depicts the Google logo with a magnifying glass over it. The post is about the recent debate that has been sparked as Google made the announcement that it would be using the house mark “ ALPHABET” for its holding company . Click on the image to read the full post.

Google's announcement that it would be using the house mark “ALPHABET” for its holding company sparked off a series of debates about trademark implications of using the said word. While numerous companies operate under the name "ALPHABET" as a part of their name, the leader of these companies seems to be BMW. BMW's representative has stated that Alphabet, a fleet services company operated by BMW is an important part of its business, and that BMW is considering the issue at this point of time, but does not plan to take any action immediately. With the help of Ms. Sambhabi from BananaIP,...

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Google’s Patent Appeal Rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court

The featured image shows the logo of google. To read more on the google versus oracle dispute click here.

Google is again in the news for its patents wars. With every leading company wanting to satisfy its customers by providing the best street view mapping software, Google too hasn’t left any stone unturned. Google was sued by Vederi in 2010, alleging that Google’s “Street View” infringed claims of related patents, which concerns ways of creating images of a geographical area that can be navigated by computer. Google Street View has already been the subject of a number of lawsuits.  But now Google faces a lawsuit by Vederi, LLC, a company based in Pasadena, California. Vederi holds three U.S. patents (7,239,760;...

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