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SanDisk Trademark dispute, Amazon Domain dispute, Banganapalle Mangoes and more

The featured image reads "Weekly news updates: Trademark news." The featured image also contains the logo of intellepedia. To read more on this, click here.

Trademark statistics, Trademark infringement, Trademark office updates, Domain name disputes and Geographical Indication updates brought to you by the Trademark team of BIP Counsels. Trademark quote of the week " The designer’s role in the development, application and protection of the trademark may be described as pre-creative, creative and post-creative"       -- Lester Beall TRADEMARK STATISTICS The Trademark Registry has been little slow this week. There has been a decrease of 16% in the total number of applications examined by the Trademark Office for this week compared to the last week. Particulars Last week This week Change in % Total Trademark applications examined by Trademark Office 10111 8427   A decrease...

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