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The featured image is customised and the words "The EU Trademark reforms" are written on a yellow background. The post is about the recent amendments bought by The EU and the protests regarding the same by India. To know more, please click here.

India protests against The European Union Trademark Reforms

  The IP community is well aware about the major reforms that have been implemented recently by the EU( European Union). The European Trademark law has undergone significant changes since the introduction of the Community Trademark system in 1996. The  recently adopted European Trademark Reforms have brought in substantial changes not only to Community trademarks but also for owners of national trademarks in the EU. India has been protesting without any success, against one such new directive in the area…

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The image is of a balance as the posts is about harmonization of IPR and Access to medicines. To read more click here.

IPR and Access to Affordable Medicines: How affordable are We?

 The following post is an opinion on the article “Intellectual property rights: when it’s broken, fix it!” authored by Arun Maira and published by livemint.com. The article suggests that we need affordable medicines and we need more innovation and it is therefore, time to reinvent the patents regime. The role of IPR in providing access to affordable medicine has been a contentious issue for a long time. As identified by Frederick M. Abbott in his paper on the subject, each…

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