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Importance of IP For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Part X): Checklist for Start-ups


  These are some basic questions VCs and Investors ask before investing in a start-up. What is the value of Intellectual Property (IP) for the start-up’s business, revenues and competitive advantage in the market? Is the start up IP driven? How strong is the start-up’s IP portfolio when compared with its competitors? Is the IP ownership clear, and are all link documents in place? Will the IP Portfolio help in retaining revenues, and opening new revenue opportunities? Is the start-up’s IP licensable and sellable? What is the financial value of the start-up’s IP portfolio? Has the start-up protected all forms of IP such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, etc? Does...

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Importance of IP For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Part VII): Raising Funds from VCs and Investors in India


The post below has been  previously published on 9th December, 2014. Besides minor dated references, the post gives a basic understanding of how start-ups can raise funds and get investments from venture capitals and other investors, through their intellectual assets.

Funding activities during the last quarter, especially when it comes to start ups, was great! Apart from the US$ 1 Billion Fundraising by Flipkart, India saw several start ups being funded at various levels. A Report indicates 93 deals and a total funding of INR 97,738 Million. With the Flipkart deal, e-commerce businesses lead the pack in percentage of start ups funded based on sector.

With respect to start up activities in the country, a 2014 NASSCOM Report rated India as the fastest growing start up ecosystem and the third largest in the world. This report estimates that India has around 3,100 start ups, and that 800 of them are being set up every year. By 2020, it estimates that India’s start up size will be around 11, 500.

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