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Patent Grant in Record Time

  The Indian Patent Office has been known to take between 2-8 years from the date of filing a patent application to grant the patent. As the term of the patent is 20 years from the date of filing, the long wait for the grant has proven especially frustrating for inventors whose inventions have a short life-span in the market. However, in one case, the entire process, from the filing of the patent application to the grant of patent has taken less than 7 months. This particular patent application pertained to Leafy Straws, as the inventor called them, which were made of...

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Indian Patent Office working at Lightning Speeds

The featured image shows the iconic comic book character called Flash. This image is being used to draw a comparison between the speed with which the IPO is disposing the patent applications and he speed with which superhero flash moves

  Authored by Gaurav Mishra The Indian Patent Office appears to be breaking records with each passing day. From lightning fast publications to issue of examination reports and patent grants, the patent office is certainly en route to shedding off its sluggish and languid image. A few incidents – some experienced firsthand and others reported elsewhere are a testimonial to the patent office’s commitment to getting rid of the immense backlog that has been plaguing the offices and applicants alike. In a very recent experience, one patent application bearing the number 201641003901 (accessible here) was published in the official journal of the Indian...

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