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Key Judgments on Movie Rights Assignments from Madras High Court | BananaIP Counsels' Insights

Key Judgments on Movie Rights Assignments from Madras High Court | Case Notes

In the world of cinema, especially in a country as diverse and film-centric as India, the legal intricacies surrounding movie rights play a significant role in the industry's functioning. From satellite rights to digital rights, the manner in which these rights are assigned or transferred often leads to disputes, necessitating clarity from the judiciary. Here at BananaIP Counsels, we bring to you a collection of recent judgments from the Madras High Court that shed light on such complexities, specifically in…

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The image depicts the words 'All Rights Reserved' with an asterisk symbol to represent Anti-Circumvention laws in copyright.

Anti-Circumvention laws to Protect Digital Rights: An Indian Perspective

Date of First Publication: 24/12/2007 Author D.r Kalyan C. Kankanala , Chief Knowledge officer, BananaIP visit bananaip.com Introduction. 1 Part I - Overview of Anti Circumvention Laws. 4 International Treaties. 4 United States of America. 5 European Union. 6 India. 7 Part II - Problems with Anti-Circumvention Laws. 7 Part III - India and Anti-circumvention Laws. 8 Advantages to Users. 9 Advantages to content owners. 9 The conflict and its resolution. 10 Part IV - Conclusion. 11 Introduction Copyright Law encourages creation of works of authorship by granting exclusive rights for a limited period of time.…

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