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‘Coca Cola’ Tastes the Feeling of ‘Zero’

The featured image shows the top view of the cap of a coca cola bottle. The post is about the registration of "zero" as a trademark by Coca Cola. To know more, please click here.

After thirteen years of long battle, Coca-Cola Company has finally  been granted registration for the trademark “zero’’ for its zero-calorie drinks, namely Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite Zero and Powerade Zero by the US trademark authorities. The company had been trying to register the trademark “zero” in US since 2003. However, Dr Pepper who sells a diet soda, called Diet Rite Pure Zero, challenged this effort by Coca-Cola in the year 2007 for registration of the word “zero”.  Dr.Pepper argued that “zero” is a generic term which is used frequently by beverage firms for drinks which contain no calories. He also further argued...

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