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Tesla files Lawsuit against Ex-Employees and Zoox, Apple-Google’s COVID-19 Tracking Plan Faces Data Security Threats and more

Tesla files Lawsuit against Ex-Employees and Zoox, VIPKid accuses GSX of Stealing Trade Secrets, Indian Government Addresses COVID-19 App’s Privacy Concerns and Apple-Google’s COVID-19 Tracking Plan Faces Data Security Threats. Tesla files Lawsuit against Ex-Employees and Zoox Tesla, the American electric vehicle and clean energy company, filed a lawsuit against Zoox, an American self-driving car startup, and four other former employees, for allegedly stealing confidential information. The lawsuit claims that, that four of Tesla’s former employees who were later hired by Zoox, stole proprietary information and trade secrets for developing warehousing, logistics and inventory control operations. Zoox even acknowledged that some...

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Amazon’s ‘Ring’ Security System Severely Criticised, Flipkart and Amazon under Investigation by CCI, Facebook Restructures its Privacy Features and more

Amazon’s ‘Ring’ Security System Severely Criticised; Flipkart and Amazon under CCI Investigation; Genentech Settles Trade Secret Lawsuit; FTC and DOJ Invite Public Comments for Draft 2020 VMG; Privacy Scandals Compel Facebook to Rework its Security Features and more. Amazon’s ‘Ring’ Security System Severely Criticised ‘Ring’, the home security company Amazon bought in 2018, has been criticised by  more than 30 civil rights organisations for arranging secretive deals with hundreds of police departments across the country. Amazon’s top hardware executive believe that the partnerships with over 400 police and fire departments around the US is good for the neighbourhoods and gives law enforcement officials...

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Facebook Sues Israeli Company for WhatsApp Hack, SVP Sues Juul for 1 Million Contaminated Pods, ACCC Accuses Google of Misleading Users and more

New Facebook Preventive-Health Tool Vows Strict Privacy Safeguards; Mis-handling of Data Leads to iPhone Update, Users can Now Delete Siri Recordings; Facebook to Pay Fine USD 644k for Role in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal; Facebook Sues Israeli Company for WhatsApp Hack; Dating Sites Under Scrutiny to Comply with Dutch Privacy Laws; Increase in Antitrust Scrutiny has Ramped Up Tech Firm Lobbying; Female UK Politicians Support Meghan Against Press Coverage; Google's Acquisition of Fitbit Requested to be Halted; Zuckerberg Defends Controversial Purchase of Instagram; LADOT's Request for Bike Rider Data Denied by Uber; ACCC Accuses Google of Misleading Users; Apple had...

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Blix Sues Apple for Infringement and Antitrust Violations, Tencent Suspends NBA Pre-season Broadcast, Cryptocurrency Class Action, CJEU Rules Against Intermediaries,and more

BlueMail Maker Sues Apple for Infringement and Antitrust Violations; CCTV, Tencent Suspend NBA Pre-season Broadcast over Freedom Tweet; Premier League Warned of Revenue Drain by Piracy; HC Seeks Govt Views in PIL to Ban Telegram; Twitter Admits to Using Data for Ads; Class Action Against Tether and Bitfinex; CJEU: Facebook May be Ordered to Remove Identical / Equivalent Illegal Content; Twitter and Facebook May Face Fines from Ireland DPC; CMA Finds Fender Guitars Breached Competition Law and more. BlueMail Maker Sues Apple for Infringement and Antitrust Violations Blix Inc. has filed a suit against Apple in a US court in the state...

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Court Tosses Claim on Unregistered Copyright, CEOs Demand Federal Privacy Law, Antitrust Probes Against Facebook, Google, Uber, Tencent and Car-Makers, and more

IP Privacy and Antitrust News

IP, Privacy and Antitrust This Week: Audible Files Motion to Dismiss Publishers Suit, Court Rejects Copyright Infringement suit over Gilda Radner Documentary, Tencent Music Shares Fall After Probe into Record Label Ties, Old Antitrust Laws May Hinder Probe into Facebook and Google, DOJ to Probe Automakers’ Emission Deals with California, SC Orders Investigation into Uber Practices, Conservative Party May be Liable for Data Breach, 51 Tech CEOs Demand Federal Data Privacy Law in Open Letter, and more. Audible Files Motion to Dismiss Publishers Suit The Amazon-owned audiobook company, Audible, has filed a motion to dismiss the suit and opposing the application for...

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Delhi HC Clarifies Architect’s Moral Rights, Time Settles Dispute Over Embedded Tom Brady Tweet, INOX Screening World Cup Matches, and more

Copyright and Entertainment Laws News

  Delhi HC: Architect Cannot Prevent Demolition of His Work; Time Settles Dispute over Embedded Tom Brady Photo; Ai Weiwei Heads to Trial Against Volkswagen for Ad Featuring His Installation; Apple Courts Legal Trouble with Vegas Billboard; Daniel Wellington Unveils News Cricket World Cup Campaign; INOX to Screen India’s World Cup League Matches; Snap in Licensing Talks for Embedding Music, and more. Copyright Quote "Sharing, Suing and Settling is now a workable content commercialization strategy on social media." - Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, BananaIP Indian Copyright News Delhi HC: Architect Cannot Prevent Demolition of His Work The Delhi High Court has recently held that an architect of...

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We’re fundamentally an Intellectual Property resource. However, we believe the verdict in question here, striking down Section 377, is a historic moment in our vast legal landscape, and thus worthy of mention. Further, this verdict has implications on privacy laws, and hopefully on a societal outlook that will spur changes in a multitude of other areas of law, many of which are yet to be analyzed in this specific respect. On September 6th, 2018, the Supreme Court of India struck down parts of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, largely on the basis of the 2017 Supreme Court decision in...

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Full text of the proposed bill can be accessed here. Transparency and accountability measures Privacy by Design The Data fiduciary is obligated to implement policies and measures to ensure that: Practices and systems are designed to anticipate, identify and avoid harm to the data principal; Data protection obligations are embedded in organizational and business practices; Technology used in the processing of personal data is in accordance with commercially accepted or certified standards; Legitimate interest of business is achieved without compromising privacy interest; Privacy is protected during entire processing of the personal data; Processing of personal data is carried out in a transparent manner;...

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