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Essential Clauses of a Digital License Agreement

  With the development and widespread use of internet and digital networks, we are now witnessing a revolution as to how copyrighted contents are acquired, displayed and disseminated. In the pre-internet days, there were limited options for distribution and exhibition of copyrighted contents. For example, the distribution of cinematographic films was limited to cinema halls and video cassettes. The internet revolution has opened several doors for content owners by creating new modes and formats of exploitation. Licensing out, creative contents like cinematographic films or sound recording through digital platforms forms an integral part of the entertainment business. In this post we will...

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Movie making – A tale of woes.

  “We don’t make movies to make money; we make money to make more movies.” - Walt Disney   Movie Producers or Movie Production houses are often referred to as money making machines, but where there are riches; there are also a multitude of woes. In this post, we speak about some of the legal challenges that movie producers often face. Keeping in mind that it is always easier to list the problems than to find the solutions to them, we have jotted down a few quick solutions which could minimize the risks that most aspiring Producers and established Producers often face.   “This is the...

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CGPDT Annual Report (2013-2014)

  A few months ago, the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks released their annual report (hereinafter referred as ‘report’) for the 2013-2014 financial year. The report explains in detail, all statistics pertaining to Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs, and Geographical Indications (GI), for the aforementioned time period. Let’s have a look at the statistics and analyze the transformation Indian IPR system is undergoing. We begin our analysis with the Patent domain.   The Patent system has a well set framework, which allows a patentee to enjoy exclusive monopoly over the patented invention, during the term of patent. Though the...

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Dispute Resolution in the Entertainment Industry PPT by Sharada Kalamadi at GNLU

This presentation was delivered by Ms. Sharada Kalamadi at GNLU as a part of the entertainment law course offered to LLB and LLM students. The presentation covers: Subject matter of disputes in the entertainment industry Fair Dealing/Fair Use Section 52, Copyright Act, 1957 Concept of Fair Use Fair use defense Copyright infringement "Abstraction-filtration-comparison” test. Quantitative & Qualitative Test Extrinsic- Intrinsic Test Kroff Test R.G. Anand vs M/S. Delux Films & Ors Moral Rights Moral Rights Violation Remedies Piracy Dispute resolution mechanisms including mediation, courts, arbitration, Film Writers Association, Producers Guild Ms. Kalamadi used various industry examples, cases, multi-media to explain various...

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Doordarshan in legal trouble

The featured image is of the copyright symbol on a bomb. The image is pertinent to the post as it is about a copyright infringement case . To read the post click here.

A recent legal decision pertains to an interim injunction granted by Delhi High Court against a public broadcaster. Doordarshan India's Central Government founded public service broadcaster, a division of Prasar Bharati, was in the legal broil for indemnifying itself from legal liability rather than acting in the interest of public which in turn contributed in cooperating in the copyright and moral rights infringement perpetrated by the producer against author and artist. Hon’ble High Court of Delhi issued an interim injunction against Doordarshan in a matter between acclaimed playwright, Dr. Sayeed Alam, well-known Indian actor, Mr. Thomas Alter (Plaintiffs) and Doordarshan, Television...

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No more Free Porn, Malibu Media

  Malibu Media runs a website X-art.com, which hosts short erotic films. It is a subscription based website and claims to have more than seven hundred erotic videos. The website claims to host videos of gorgeous models from USA, Europe, South America, etc. Subscription plans on the website range from 19.95 dollars to 99.95 dollars.   Sometime in 2011, Malibu Media realized that the business is not growing owing to wide spread piracy of its videos on Bit Torrents and by other means. After conducting a review, the company decided to take this up legally. It started tracking IP addresses where its short...

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Importance of IP For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Part X): Checklist for Start-ups


  These are some basic questions VCs and Investors ask before investing in a start-up. What is the value of Intellectual Property (IP) for the start-up’s business, revenues and competitive advantage in the market? Is the start up IP driven? How strong is the start-up’s IP portfolio when compared with its competitors? Is the IP ownership clear, and are all link documents in place? Will the IP Portfolio help in retaining revenues, and opening new revenue opportunities? Is the start-up’s IP licensable and sellable? What is the financial value of the start-up’s IP portfolio? Has the start-up protected all forms of IP such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, etc? Does...

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Importance of IP For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Part V): Copyrights


  Copyright protects ideas expressed on a tangible form. The expression may be in the form of literary work like website content, brochure content etc, photographic work such as pictures used on website, brochures, etc, artistic work like layout of website, drawings, etc, cinematographic work such as promotional videos, support videos, etc, and so on. Protection of copyrights provides several business and competitive advantages to startups and entrepreneurs. A startup company must protect its marketing materials, documents, websites and so on under the copyright law. Copyright protection over a work starts from the date of creation of the work and registration is...

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Did China Copy Disney’s famous track?

  The lack of snow for the  2022 Winter Olympics, is not the only reason why China is facing criticism. The recent controversy faced by the Chinese is with respect to the Official Song for the games, “The Snow and Ice Dance” which has raised some questions about its source. It has been noticed by keen listeners that the song sounds like a rip-off of  “Let It Go,” the popular ballad sung by Idina Menzel . “Let it Go” rose to prominence, as it was featured in Disney’s Oscar-winning animated film Frozen. This was Disney’s biggest animated film earning more than $1.3 Billion worldwide. With...

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