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Patent lawsuits against Samsung, LG and Uber, USPTO announces COVID-19 related pilot program and more

In this week’s Patent News – Registrations to 5th Korea International Youth Olympiad (KIYO) 4I 2020 open till 25th September 2020; Samsung and LG face patent infringement lawsuit from DivX; Uber faces allegations of direct, contributory, and induced patent infringement; USPTO announces COVID-19 deferred-fee provisional patent application pilot program. INDIA PATENT NEWS UPDATES 5th Korea International Youth Olympiad (KIYO) 4I 2020 – Register now The World Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association in association with the World Intellectual…

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The image is a picture of Quintin Tarantino. The post is about a copyright claim by him. Click on image to view post.

Is Reporting Leaked & Copyright-Protected Material Equal to Contributory Infringement?

This post was first published on 17th May, 2014.   "No", says a federal judge in California, dismissing Hollywood's star director, Quentin Tarantino’s claim against Gawker Media, LLC. Gawker, a magazine on a lookout for juicy news in the entertainment biz, reported the leak of Tarantino's unpublished work by providing a direct link to the copyright protected "leaked script" for the film, "The Hateful Eight". Tarantino, a multiple Oscar winning/nominated writer-director, discovered that his copyright protected script was leaked. Gawker, on its website, reported the leaked Tarantino’s…

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