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World’s Best IP Blogs – 2016

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  Last year in 2015, we ran a series on the world’s best IP blogs where we featured Intellectual Property blogs who have carved a niche for themselves in the world of IP. The series that we ran last year received immense appreciation and support from our readers and we remain thankful to them for the same. We also thank the IP blogs featured in this post and the series last year, for it is they who have taken it upon themselves the extremely arduous task of bringing to the public, their share of knowledge on IP. Inspired from what we pulled...

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World’s Best IP Blogs – PatLit

The custom image reads World best IP blogs - PatLit. The post is about the weblog known as PatLit. To read more click here.

  In our recent posts we have featured several blogs that exclusively cover specific areas of IP, such as Patents, Biotech and Pharma patents, Copyrights, Trademarks to name a few. The weblog that we bring to you today covers one aspect of IP law that is very crucial for every patent holder. The blog is called “PatLit” and it covers patent litigation law, practice and strategy, as well as other forms of patent dispute resolution.   Patents grant the patentee a monopoly over an invention for a specified period of time (normally 20 years). However, the lives of such patented inventions can be...

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World’s Best IP Blogs – IP Finance

The custom image reads World best IP blogs - IP Finance. The post is about IP Finance blog. To read more click here.

  Intellectual Property (IP) plays a very important role in providing competitive and business advantage to a company. In order to maximize competitive advantage, a company must make the best and most of its intellectual assets. The owner of any Intellectual Property can procure financial rewards for its use. This is because like tangible property, if ownership of an IP can be clearly established, the IP could be sold, leased, licensed, assigned or mortgaged.   IP and Money have always been related to each other since the recognition of Intellectual Property Rights. The blog we bring to you today is called IP Finance....

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World’s Best IP Blogs – Afro-IP

  Afro-IP is an IP blog that covers the African intellectual property law, practices and policies. It provides the reader with news, information and comments on IP law, practice and business deals pertaining to the continent of Africa.   Born in the last week of December 2007, Afro-IP arose from the concern of team leader Darren Olivier that there was no decent source from which to obtain reliable news concerning IP developments in Africa and nowhere to put it once you’d gotten hold of it. This is because, while most of Africa faces the same crippling problems of counterfeits, border controls, deficient technology...

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