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A Pharmaceutical Perspective by Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan

The featured image shows a stick figure standing on two diverging arrows. While the arrow on the left reads trade secrets, the arrow on the right reads patents. To know more about this post click here.

This talk on Trade Secrets and Patents was delivered by Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan at the IIPLA 5th IP Conference held at the Carlton Palace Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). You may view the full presentation below. [slideshare id=130475180&doc=iiplapresentation-190204133117] Topics Covered in the presentation include: 1. The shift from traditional medicine to modern medicine 2. Making a choice between patents and trade secrets 3. Pros and Cons of Trade Secrets and Patents 4. IP Protection Models 5. Invention based IP strategy 6. Industry based IP strategy 7. Industry Trends 8. Top 10 pharma companies and their patenting trends 9. Patent trends (decrease in patents filed) 10. Number of patent applications filed by pharma...

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Waiving Moral Rights Can Be Moral

First Publication Date: 13th January 2010 Professor Anil's post inspired me to research into alienability and waivability of moral rights under national laws. I noted that national laws of civil law countries such as France, Spain, Italy and Germany expressly restrict transfer and waiver of moral rights and national laws of common law countries such as UK and Canada permit their transfer and Waiver. If we look at the international instruments such as Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works which under Article 6Bis also recognizes the moral rights of an author but is silent on the right...

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Job Opening: Manager – Client Engagement, BananaIP Counsels

The featured image shows a person holding a board with the words we are hiring. BIP counsels is hiring for the position of IP Attorney. To apply, click here

BananaIP Counsels, India's premier new age IP firm is glad to announce a job opening for the position of Manager - Client Engagement. The details of the job opening are provided below. Designation: Manager - Client Engagement Job Description: Perform Business Development activities for Intellectual Property Services (Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and other IP services) for corporate clients Capture Client requirements and prepare proposals Develop long-term strategic relationships with key clients Organise and Conduct Workshops on Intellectual Property in all major cities in India Coordinate with various departments within the organisation in order to meet client expectations Routine follow-ups with existing clients for generating new business ...

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Contributory Infringement, Arctic Cat, Blu-Ray Discs, Driverless Car and more

The featured image shows a green school board on which the following words appear to be written by chalk. The words read "Patent news : Weekly updates". To get your weekly updates and news on IP, click here.

Google patents, IPO patent stats, Contributory Infringement, Arctic Cat, Blu-Ray Discs, Driverless Car and more, presented by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India's Premier New Age IP Firm. Patent quote of the Week "We love patents, but not unconditionally; We believe in patents, but not mindlessly; We value patents, but not at the cost of our core values; and We are serious about patents, but saving life always comes first." - Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala Patent Stats from the Indian Patents and Designs Office Total number of patent applications published in the official journal of the patent office as issued on 3rd March 2017: 701 Total...

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Patentability Requirements – A Presentation by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at BMS College, Bangalore

The featured image shows the first slide of the presentation titled "Patentability Requirements" delivered by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at the BMS College, Bangalore. To read more click here.

The following presentation titled "Patentability Requirements" was delivered at BMS College by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Chief IP Attorney at BananaIP Counsels. The presentation covers the following topics: Patentable subject matter Product or Process patents - Section 2(1)(j) Exclusions under Section 3 of the Patents Act Section 3(d) & it's explanation Section 3(j) - explanation and examples Section 3(k) - explanation and examples Section 3(i) - explanation and examples Industrial Applicability Novelty Anticipation of Novelty Inventive Step Specification Secondary Indicia Novelty/Inventive Step Section 10 of the Patents Act Dr. Kalyan’s Books And Novels You may access the full presentation here: [slideshare id=72723465&doc=patentabilityrequirements-bmscollege2017-170302055131] About Dr. Kalyan Dr. Kalyan...

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Royalty Rights in Sound Recordings, Lyrics & Musical Works – Part 1

The featured image reads 'all rights reserved'. This post talks about the Entertainment Law and Copyrights involved in Royalty Rights in Sound Recordings, Lyrics & Musical Works. To read more, please click here.

Quick bite: Dear readers, the following post is brought to you by the Media and Entertainment law experts of BananaIP (BIP)Counsels. This post is the first in its series and promises to engage your grey matter. This post will essentially help you understand the Entertainment Law and Copyrights surrounding Royalty Rights in Sound Recordings, Lyrical & Musical Works. Colloquially used word music/song is more than melody or harmony reduced to print, writing or graphic form[1]. Music is a language with a universal appeal. Music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No...

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Introduction to Intellectual Property and IP Licensing – A Presentation by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at IIM-B

The following presentation titled “Introduction to IP and  Licensing”, was delivered on 26th November, 2016 by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Chief IP Attorney, BananaIP Counsels, at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B) on IPRs and Licensing to the Post Graduate Programme Management (PGPM)students. The topics of the presentation included: Introduction to IP and Licensing Nature of IP and Forms Licensing Intellectual Property Subject Matter Exclusivity Types of Licenses Royalty Types Example of Integrated Licensing Model Kalyan’s Books And Novels How to Reach Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala To access the entire presentation please visit the below mentioned link: [Slideshare ID :] About Dr. Kalyan Dr. Kalyan...

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Weekly Warm- up with IP News Center

The featured image shows the intersection of three circles with copyright, patent and trademark written on them, respectively. This post is regarding the weekly warm up of the latest IP news and updates which were posted on IP News Center last week. To know more, click here.

National IPR Policy-Copyright Related Objectives On 13th May 2016, the much anticipated National IPR Policy was released which aims to lay down a system of growth for intellectual property rights (IPRs) in India by ensuring the protection of new innovations ,research and development while establishing a stable framework in the country for the domestic and foreign investors alike. This post focused on the copyright related objectives that have been highlighted in the National IPR Policy. National IPR Policy-Traditional Knowledge Related Objectives This article discussed  the various provisions relating to traditional knowledge under the new IPR Policy. Traditional knowledge refers to the well-established, long-standing practices...

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