Sipping on IP

Well I am guessing the title of this post may have piqued your interest. ‘Sipping on IP’ is an initiative taken by BananaIP, where everyone gathers over coffee and lets ideas, discussions and conversations about intellectual property brew. There are no ground rules and the conversation can be about varied topics from more current pressing issues to any IP related concept. It is a great way to connect, take a break and learn from your peers.

Let’s see what we sipped on previously.



Topics discussed:

  1. Sambhabi, Sanjeevani, Anchita, Gaurav, Anjali, Subhashree, Aniruddha and Blessen discussed what industrial designs are. They also discussed under what circumstances can an application for industrial design be rejected. One such instance being when the design of the good actually plays an active part in its functionality.
  2. Naveen, Ashima, Sharada, Gopika and Shivangi discussed a recently published news article on compulsory licensing and India’s changed policy on the same. Further, Naveen  explained what is compulsory licensing and under what circumstances it can be allowed. They also briefly discussed the Novartis judgement.


Date: 14/04/2016

Topics discussed:

Our team sat down for a presentation on ‘Cybersquatting’,  delivered by our intern Shivangi. She started with  what cybersquatting was and then went on to talk about different types of cybersquatting. In the last part of her presentation she spoke about the legal position on the subject both in Indian and the US, accompanied by case laws.

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