Trademark Prosecution for Leading Mattress Manufacturer

Project Description

Why they approached us

  • Needed sound legal support in a trademark rectification suit, filed by an international brand.
  • Were looking for a firm with substantial prior experience in trademark prosecution and IP risk management.
  • Required a prompt and aggressive defense strategy.

What did we do

  • Developed an effective defense strategy to meet the client’s requirements during  trademark prosecution.
  • Filed numerous trademarks, copyrights and designs, and handled their entire IP portfolio.
  • Conducted IP audits, engaged in IP mining and produced due diligence reports.


  • Efficient IP prosecution management added to brand value.
  • Holistic legal expertise and consultation services increased IP awareness and know how
  • Engaged in further IP commercialization and licensing, leading to an increment in commercial and economic returns.
  • Date: 2015
  • Client: A leading matress manufacturer and exporter from India
  • Category: Trademark

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