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Patent: Uniloc wins patent case against Microsoft

This image depicts the Microsoft logo outside the Microsoft office.

Uniloc filed a patent infringement suit against Microsoft for violation of its patents relating to device recognition technology. Uniloc alleged in the suit that Microsoft violated its patents by implementing its technology in Windows and Office. A federal court in Rhode Island recently held Microsoft liable for patent infringement and granted damages of 388 million dollars to Uniloc. Source/Attribution here. (Governed by Creative Commons License CC BY 2.0)...

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Patent: Spansion and Samsung settle

This image depicts the logo of the electronics company Samsung.

Spansion and Samsung have ended the patent dispute between them through a settlement. As per the settlement, the parties have agreed to cross-license their patents and Samsung will pay Spansion an amount of 70 million dollars. As Spansion had filed for bankruptcy, the settlement is subject to approval by the Court. Source/Attribution here. (This image is in public domain)...

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Patent: TomTom and Microsoft Settle

The image depicts the Microsoft logo.

Microsoft and TomTom have recently settled the patent suit that was initiated by Microsoft in February, 2009. Microsoft filed a patent infringement suit against TomTom alleging that TomTom's implementation of Linux violates patents held by Microsoft. In response, TomTom counter-sued Microsoft for violation of its patents. The parties recently settled the suit with a settlement agreement for five years. As per the agreement, Microsoft will not initiate infringement action against TomTom or its customers for the next five years. TomTom's obligations under GPL may be met and it will pay Microsoft an undisclosed royalty. Source/Attribution here. (This image is in public...

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Copyright: Common Public License Version 1.0

The Common Public License (CPL) is an open source license agreement released by IBM. The company holds copyright over the license. It permits the distribution of the license but limits the right to modify it. Softwares such as Windows Installer XML developer tool, Windows Template Library and so on have been released under the Common Public License. Rights The agreement grants a license over the following rights under the copyright law to every person receiving a software under the license: Right to Reproduce; Right to Distribute (source code or object code); Right to Make derivative works; Right to Publicly display; Right to Publicly perform; and Right to Sublicense...

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Patent: Indian Patent Grants for February 2009

The image depicts the words Approved as the post is about the patents granted in July, 2009

The Indian Patent Office granted 1193 patents in February, 2009. The top three consisted of HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED, which had a patent count of 45 patents, followed by QUALCOMM, INCORPORATED with 30 patents and COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH with 26 patents. The table below shows the top twelve companies that received the maximum number of patents in the month of February, 2009. Sl.No.          Name of the company                                     No. of. Patents Granted 1                          HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED                                                      45 2                         QUALCOMM INCORPORATED                                                                30 3                         COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH             26 4                         KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS ELECTRONICS N. V.                                 21 5                         SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO LTD                                                        15 6                         SIEMENS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT                                                      13 7                        ...

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