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Patent: Microsoft held liable for willful patent infringement

The image depicts the logo of the software XML as the post is about the wilful patent infringement by Microsoft regarding the same software.

Microsoft has been held liable for infringement of I4i's patent relating to use of XML in Microsoft Word by a US Federal Court. The Court ordered Microsoft to pay more than 200 million dollars as damages. It also prohibited Microsoft from selling the XML version of Microsoft Word. Source/Attribution here. (Governed by Creative Commons License CC BY - SA 3.0)...

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Indian Patent Grants for July 2009

The image depicts the words Approved as the post is about the patents granted in July, 2009

The Indian Patent Office granted 829 patents in July, 2009. The top three consisted of HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED, which had a patent count of 27 patents, followed by QUALCOMM INCORPORATED with 24 patents and BASF AKTIENGESELL SCHAFT with 16 patents. The table below shows the top twelve companies that received the maximum number of patents in the month of July, 2009. Sl.No.         Name of the company                                        No. of. Patents Granted 1                         HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED                                                          27 2                        QUALCOMM INCORPORATED                                                                    24 3                        BASF AKTIENGESELL SCHAFT                                                                   16 4                       COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH                 14 5                        KONINKLIJE PHILIPS ELECTRONICS N.V                                           11 6                        HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD                                                                                 9 7                        HONDA GIKEN KOGYO...

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Patent: Medtronic and Abbott settle

The image depicts the logo of Abbott as he post is about a settlement reached between Abbott and Medtronic.

Medtronic and Abbott have recently settled their patent disputes all over the world relating to heart stents. As per the settlement agreement, the parties agreed to avoid filing patent actions against each other in the field of coronary stent and stent delivery systems. Medtronic has agreed to pay four hundred million dollars to Abbott as a part of the settlement. Source/Attribution here. (This image is in public domain)...

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Indian Patent Grants for June 2009

The image depicts a patent fight between two groups of people.

The Indian Patent Office granted 383 patents in June, 2009. The top three consisted of COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH, which had a patent count of 14 patents, followed by THOMSON LICENSING S.A. with 7 patents and LG ELECTRONICS INC. with 6 patents. The table below shows the top twelve companies that received the maximum number of patents in the month of June, 2009. Sl.No.         Name of the company                                             No. of. Patents Granted 1                        COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH                   14 2                       THOMSON LICENSING S.A.                                                                               7 3                        LG ELECTRONICS INC.                                                                                        6 4                        KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS ELECTRONICS N.V                                          5 5                        MOTOROLA, INC.                                                                                                   5 6                        SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO. LTD.                                                           ...

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General Public License: Microsoft’s Promise to Community

The image depicts the logo of GPL as the post is about Microsoft making a community promise regarding the same.

Microsoft has made a ‘unilateral, irrevocable and legally binding’ Community Promise to not exert its patents against anyone for making, using, selling, offering for sale, importing or distributing any of its covered specifications/implementations. It is not required to sign any license agreement or communicate the usage to Microsoft to come under the ambit of this community promise. The promise extends to patents required to generate implementations including open-source licensing models such as Mono, LGPL or GPL. This, added to its latest code contribution to Apache Foundation has indeed made users believe that Microsoft might be warming up to the idea...

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Patent: ‘Pay to Delay’ deals slammed by the US Justice Department

The image depicts the seal of the Department of Justice of United States as the post is about it declaring that deals that delay the introduction of drugs must be considered illegal.

Ending a 3 year long difference between itself and Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the US Justice Department (DOJ) declared last week that deals between pharmaceutical companies and generic producers to delay introduction of competitive drugs must be considered illegal. Introduction of generic drugs usually causes the prices of branded drugs to sink and hence such ‘reverse payment’ accords occur. These ‘sweetheart’ deals were recently banned by FTC as they deprive the public of low priced alternative medicines. The EU Competition Commission’s Report on drug industries (8th July, 2009) also recognized the hazards of delaying entry of generic drugs and forewarned...

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Patent Pool for Neglected Tropical Diseases

The image depicts the headquarters og GlaxoSmithKline as the post is about the company setting up a patent pool for funding research regarding neglected tropical diseases.

GlaxoSmithKline in March 2009 established a patent pool to facilitate research in finding new cure for 16 neglected tropical diseases (NTD) identified by the FDA like tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, dengue leprosy, etc. that are prevalent in least developed countries. Alnylam Pharmaceuticals is the first company that has come forth to add about 1500 RNAi technology patents (granted and pending) to it. RNA interference (RNAi) is a cutting edge technology that enables gene silencing i.e. avoiding the formation of disease causing proteins altogether. This addition has tripled the patent pool’s strength and is expected to help identify new targets and therapies...

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Patent: Patent Pool for HIV Medicines

The image depicts the logo of UNITAID as the post is about Unitaid creating a common pool for the cross licensing of patents of HIV medicines.

UNITAID launched by WHO in 2006 aims to achieve price reductions in HIV medicines in developing countries. It has initiated the establishment of a common Patent Pool to cross license patents for HIV medicines. A neutral licensing agency is proposed to manage the pricing and discussion of terms to avoid the otherwise lengthy procedures. The primary objective will be to make novel antiretroviral medication available and also reduce the costs of already existing ones. Indian, Thai and Bangladeshi pharmaceutical giants were involved in discussions on 23rdJune, 2009 hosted by the South East Asian Office of WHO and they encouraged the...

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Patent: Changes at the IPO effective from 1st July, 2009

The image depicts a stack ofdocuments as the post is about changes in the filing procedure at the Indian Patent Office.

• Submission of documents and fee up to 5 p.m. for all patent offices. No documents will be received after 5 p.m. as the automated software will not allow the entry on the same date. • Two separate counters called the FC (Fee counter) and the NFC (Non-Fee Counter) at all patent offices. The documents should be submitted to the appropriate counter. • No hard copy submission of new patent application. Form 1 to be submitted in hard copy. • Abstracts should be conformity of section 10 (4) (d) and Rule 13 (7) of the Patent Act otherwise the application will not go...

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Patent: Indian Patent Grants for May 2009

The image depicts the words Approved as the post is about the patents granted in July, 2009

The Indian Patent Office granted 261 patents in May, 2009. The top three consisted of COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH, which had a patent count of 10 patents, followed by QUALCOMM INC with 10 patents and F. HOFFMANNLA ROCHE AG with 8 patents. The table below shows the top twelve companies that received the maximum number of patents in the month of May, 2009. Sl.No.             Name of the company                                      No. of.Patents Granted 1                              COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH          10 2                             QUALCOMM INC                                                                                           10 3                             F. HOFFMANNLA ROCHE AG                                                                  8 4                             NOVARTIS AG                                                                                                 8 5                             TELEFONAKT IEBOLAGETLM ERICSSON (PUBL.)                    4 6                             THOMSON LICENSING                                                                              4 7                             DSM IP...

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