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Patent: Indian Patent Grants for January, 2009

Characters are pulling a rope written PATENT on top as this article is about Indian Patent Law Basics

The Indian Patent Office granted 1403 patents in Jan, 2009. The top three consisted of COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH  , which had a patent count of 86 patents, followed by QUALCOMM INCORPORATED, with 38 patents and KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS ELECTRONICS N. V with 19 patents. The table below shows the top twelve companies that received the maximum number of patents in the month of Jan, 2009.   Sl.No          Name of the company                                                                           No. of. Patents Granted   1                 COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH                 86 2                 QUALCOMM INCORPORATED                                                                           38 3                 KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS ELECTRONICS N. V                                             19 4                  BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED                                                16 5                  SIEMENS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT                                                                15 6                 ...

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IP Licensing: BSD License

The image depicts the BSD License Logo with some rights reserved written

The BSD License is one of the most flexible licenses among the open source licenses. It gives a broad range of rights and flexibilities to a person receiving any software under the license. The conditions imposed for exercising such rights license are minimal when compared to other licenses. Rights The license gives a person the right to redistribute and use a software governed by it. The license allows a person to modify and distribute the modified software in any form. Distribution As per the license, any person may distribute a software governed by the license or a modified form of the software in either...

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