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26 Dec
The image depicts a copyright symbol with the words copyright and all rights reserved as the post is about the basics of indian copyright basics

Copyright: Indian Copyright Basics – By Chaitanya.B

What is a Copyright? Copyright, is a form of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, cinematographic, photographic and sound recording works. Copyright protects the expression of ideas in a tangible form. Protection starts as soon as an idea is expressed on a tangible form. Tangible form includes anything […]

26 Dec
The image depicts the symbol for a registered trademark to indicate that the post is about the basics of indian trademark law.

Trademarks: Basics of Indian Trademark Law – By Aparna Goud,

What is a Trademark? A trademark is any representation, which might be a word, phrase, symbol, design, sound, smell, colour, adopted and used by a company to identify its products or services, and to distinguish them from products and services of others. The primary purpose of a trademark is to prevent consumers from becoming confused […]

24 Dec
The image depicts the words 'All Rights Reserved' with an asterisk symbol to represent Anti-Circumvention laws in copyright.

Copyrights: Anti-Circumvention laws to protect Digital Rights: An Indian Perspective

Author Kalyan C. Kankanala[1] , Chief Knowledge officer, Brain League IP Services, now BananaIP visit Introduction. 1 Part I – Overview of Anti Circumvention Laws. 4 International Treaties. 4 United States of America. 5 European Union. 6 India. 7 Part II – Problems with Anti-Circumvention Laws. 7 Part III – India and Anti-circumvention Laws. […]

24 Dec
The image depicts an enlarged image of a cassette tape with the words software patents as the post is about Testing Parameters for Software Patentability

Testing Parameters for Software Patentability

Abstract Patentability of computer programs is fraught with ambiguity because of multiple reasons. One of such reasons is the uncertainty and inadequacy of tests to determine patentability. Courts in the US have been struggling to evolve a test that would cover the complete continuum of innovation in computer programs, which manifests in terms of form […]

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