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This image depicts a signboard titled "innovation". This image is relevant because this post talks about the future of India's new IPR policy. Click on the image to view full post.

New Intellectual Property Rights to ease Patent filing

  Under the existing Intellectual Property (Rights) regime in India, thousands of promising innovations and inventions remain un-patented. The new Intellectual Property Rights policy plans to change that. The first draft of the (IPR) policy released on December 19, 2014, emphasizes on the need to formulate a new IP law to facilitate the patenting of various ground-breaking Indian inventions.   In November, 2014, the Government formed an IP think-tank under former IPAB (Intellectual Property Appellate Board) chairman justice, Prabha Sridevan, which…

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True Position Inc.’s Device Locator Patent Invalidated

  In a final written decision of an inter partes review under the America Invents Act (AIA), the United States Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) stated that True Position Inc.'s (device locator) patent - 7,783,299, which describes a system for locating wireless devices in an emergency, is invalid in light of three prior art references. US patent 7,783,299 covers monitoring links in a wireless network, and triggering network events detected on those links. The technology…

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This image depicts a Blackberry phone. This post discusses why Samsung wants to acquire Blackberry from an IP perspective. Click on the image to read the full post.

What makes Samsung want to buy Blackberry?

The market is rife with the reports of Korean phone-maker Samsung intending to acquire Blackberry for $7.5 billion, in spite of both the companies labelling the reports “groundless”. The speculation sent the Canadian smart-phone maker’s stock soaring 30% before it fell down by 17%. The possibility of the acquisition has raised a very important question- What makes Blackberry so appealing to Samsung? The acquisition would give Samsung the access to Blackberry’s robust patent portfolio that includes 44,000 patents worth over…

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This image depicts a conversation between Narendra Modi and Obama. This image is relevant as the article deals with the online piracy discussions held in US CEO Summit. Click on this Image for more Information.

Online Piracy, A matter of great concern, As Discussed during the India-US CEO Forum

The second visit of President Barack Obama to India, the first US President to have visited India twice while in office, clearly highlights the global partnership between the two nations in the task of strengthening economies and strong democracies. Referring to said partnership, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the partnership assumes great relevance in the digital age. In this age of modern digital technology, an issue that has been nagging the industrial sector, particularly the Entertainment Industry, is online…

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This image depicts a Xiaomi phone. This post is about how the Swedish phone maker has been in trouble in India after cases for patent infringement were filed against them. The court has however now allowed the sale of their phones in India. Click on the image to read the full post.

Ongoing patent battle won’t effect pricing : Xiaomi

  Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi, suffered a major setback in India towards the end of 2014 as the sale of their smartphones was temporarily discontinued, following a Delhi High Court order. Subsequently, the Court decided that Xiaomi could go on with the sale of models that use Qualcomm chips until February 5, 2015, for when the next hearing for the patent case that resulted in the temporary sale ban, is scheduled.   Xiaomi has been facing legal troubles in India ever since…

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This image depicts the title "Data Protection in India". This image is relevant because this post talks about the presentation given on the said topic by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at Bosch.

Intellectual Property: Data Protection in India – Presentation at Bosch by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala

The presentation given herein was delivered by Kalyan at Bosch, India on Data Privacy Day, January 28, 2015. The presentation gives an insight into the evolution of Right to Privacy in India under the Constitution, and goes on to discuss Data Protection Provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 as amended in 2008. After introducing Privacy obligations under the Act, Kalyan gives an overview of the 2011 rules relating to sensitive personal data and information protection and data security. Kalyan…

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This image depicts a person holding a placard reading GILEAD 1,000 per Pill, Shame. This image is relevant as Gilead had filed for a patent for the same medicine in India for the same price. Click on the image for more information

‘Killead’s Patent Application Killed by the Indian Patent Office!

Gilead Sciences was rejected patent for its blockbuster drug Sofosbuvir, a new Hepatitis C drug by the India Patent Office in a major decision taken on 13 January 2015. The drug is branded under the name Sovaldi. Gilead had priced the drug at US$84,000 for a treatment course, or $1,000 per pill in the US and had received a regulatory approval in US in 2013. The patent application (6087/DELNP/2005) for the drug was opposed by the Indian generic company Natco; Medicines,…

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Dr. Kalyan delivers a lecture on “Privacy & IT Act – Relevance to Industry” at Bosch

On the occasion of International Data Privacy Day on January 28th, 2015, Dr. Kalyan was invited by Bosch, a global engineering and electronics major, to deliver a lecture on privacy and its significance for Indian organizations. The provisions of the Indian IT Act was a key element of the discussion. The event was attended by Bosch’s senior personnel in information security and privacy roles . Date : 28/01/2015 [button link="http://www.bosch-india-software.com/en/homepage/rbei_homepage.html" newwindow="yes"] Read more[/button]

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Dr. Kalyan interviewed by Bar & Bench about Pirates of Bollywood

Dr. Kalyan, Managing Partner, BananaIP , was recently interviewed by Bar & Bench about his latest legal thriller “Pirates of Bollywood”. Commenting on why he chooses to write IP based legal thrillers, Dr. Kalyan said, “ Over the years, I have been working on disseminating IP knowledge through workshops and conferences, books and research papers, writings on SiNApSE blog, IP Radio etc. At one point, I felt spreading knowledge through entertainment could help me take the message far and wide”. Date…

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This image depicts audience in an indoor auditorium. This image is relevant because it informs us about the 4th Annual Legal Era Conclave 2015 to be held on March 12 and 13, 2015. Click on the image to view full post.

Patents: EVENT- IBC Legal’s 23rd Annual Biotech and Pharmaceutical patenting conference

Date:                                  24- 25 February 2015 Venue:                                 Munich, Germany Agenda:                                The event designed to help you protect, maximise and grow your IP assets by getting updates and advice on the more complex aspects of patents. Link:                                 Click here

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