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Patents: Modular Phones- The best of both worlds

Not really impressed with the battery of the brand new smartphone you recently bought? Finding a mobile phone that matches your expectations completely could be tough, unless you are willing to shell a huge amount to bag that dream phone. When the camera is great the processor is not good, when the processor is good the camera might disappoint, and when the camera as well as the processor are exceptional the battery might bail out on you. We are destined…

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LG’s New Modular Phone: The future is Here

South Korea’s handset maker LG has finally revealed its newest commercially available modular smart phone at the Mobile World Congress-2016. In the past few years, there has been significant development in software and hardware solution. This time LG has managed to beat Google and introduced the first mainstream modular phone. The specifications of this LG-G5 are as expected from a 2016 Android device like, a 5.3 inch LCD display with 2560*1440 pixel resolution with corning gorilla glass 4 protection. It…

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The featured image shows some stick figures discussing on a topic. This post is about the paper published by DIPP on SEPs. To read more click here.

DIPP Discusses Standard Essential Patents , Comments invited. (Part 1)

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) recently published a discussion paper on standard essential patents (SEPs) and their availability on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. The paper published on 01-March-2016 invites views from the concerned stakeholders regarding Standard Essential Patents and the issues surrounding them. This post is the first part in the series of posts to come that will discuss on the concept of SEPs. This post therefore will provide an introduction to Standrad Essential Patents and…

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The featured image shows a collage of the different kinds of GI products in India. The post is about the governments decision to market the GI products through ecommerce. To read more click here.

Selling Genuine GI: A GoI Initiative.

The boom of ecommerce has brought a major change in how commercial transactions are carried out today. Ecommerce platforms are blooming and everyone is embracing this approach because of its smart and widespread reach to consumers. The Government does not want to lag behind and in its attempt to catch up with the ongoing trend; is considering going the ecommerce way to sell authentic Geographical Indication (GI) products. GI registration gives the registered proprietor and its authorized users, the right…

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The image is of a bulb as the post is about a lamp powered by salt water battery. To read more click here.

What a bright idea!

  We all are familiar with the concept where electricity can be produced when two electrodes are immersed in an electrolyte. Recently, the researchers from Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) have developed an eco-friendly lamp that runs entirely on salt water. Here the salt water battery uses saline solution as the electrolyte. Vasant Natarajan from the Physics Department of IISc refined on this concept. The overall apparatus consists of a box (approximately 6cm in height and 11cm in length) which is…

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the image is of the copyright sign as the post is about dispute over the constitution of the copyright board. To read more click here.

Copyright Board to be constituted soon……or not so soon?

The Copyright Board, a quasi-judicial body, is constituted under the provisions of the Copyright (Amendment)Act, 2012 and Copyright Rules , where applicable. The jurisdiction of the Copyright Board extends to the whole of India. The Board under the Act is entrusted with the task of adjudication of disputes pertaining to copyright registration, assignment of copyright, grant of licenses in respect of works withheld from public, unpublished Indian works, production and publication of translations and works for certain specified purposes, determination…

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The image is of a balance as the posts is about harmonization of IPR and Access to medicines. To read more click here.

IPR and Access to Affordable Medicines: How affordable are We?

 The following post is an opinion on the article “Intellectual property rights: when it’s broken, fix it!” authored by Arun Maira and published by The article suggests that we need affordable medicines and we need more innovation and it is therefore, time to reinvent the patents regime. The role of IPR in providing access to affordable medicine has been a contentious issue for a long time. As identified by Frederick M. Abbott in his paper on the subject, each…

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The image depicts IP India's logo. The post is about new biotech guidelines from indian patent office. Click on the image to read the full post.

CGPDT and DSLSA join hands to dispose of pending IP disputes

  There is no doubt that there is a backlog of cases at various IP offices in India. Recently some initiatives have been taken to make India’s IP dispute resolution system speedier and more efficient. The initiatives come from two fronts-Commercial Courts and Mediation. The Civil Procedure Code (Amendment) Act, 1999 introduced Section 89, which speaks about arbitration, conciliation and mediation as alternative dispute settlement mechanisms. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 (modeled on the lines of the UNCITRAL Model Law)…

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The featured image is the portrait of Ada Lovelace. This post is about ada lovelace - the first computer programmer in the world. Her invention led to several patents in the field of IT. To read more click here.

Happy Women’s Day – An invention that made all the ‘difference’.

Hello there dear readers. This post commemorates every woman without whom man would probably find life an impossible experience. There are no second thoughts that over the last few decades or so, women have come on par with men in almost every field. Be it sports, arts or literature, women are giving their male counterparts a run for their money. Women these days hold some of the top positions in several big business organizations and women entrepreneurs are continuously setting…

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The image depicts the Apple Inc logo against a glass building. The post is about a suit for anti-competitive practice and copyright against apple. To read more click here.

EBook Price Fixing is Anti-Competitive – Apple’s Appeal Rejected by US Supreme Court

In April, 2012, an anti-trust suit was filed against Apple for conspiring with book publishers to fix prices. The publishers agreed to give Apple a thirty percent margin in return for letting them control prices of eBooks on Apple Store. Amazon was at that time offering the eBooks as low as 9.99 dollars, and as a result the price of eBooks went up to 12.99 and 14.99 dollars. This was Apple's ploy to popularize its IPAD, which was launched in…

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