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New Year Patents

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New Year Patents

First Publication Date: 29th December 2010
“New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday”
  – Charles Lamb
December is the month of celebrations. Immediately after Christmas come the New Year celebrations where people reflect on their past and envision the future. New Year embarks the new beginning – new beginning of life, enjoyment, resolutions, etc. New Year celebrations focus mainly on family and friends. The customs of celebrations started in ancient Babylon about 4000 years ago though they were modified through the centuries. Everybody greets the New Year in their distinctive style. People celebrate the new year with a lot of fervor and enthusiasm, which is marked by mid-night cacophony, prayers’, parties, social gatherings and New Year’s resolutions.
It is also the time of the year when kids enjoy a lot . I came across an interesting patent application (WO 2009/091275 A1) especially for kids titled “New Year Game” invented and filed by Matveev, Vladimir Anatolevich Мatbeeb, Vladimir A in Jan 2008. The invention involve the kids into active management of theatrical performances produced by decorations on a New Year tree and to reduce the game fatigue by decreasing a static load on the eye lens of players. The New Year game comprises a chain of decorated New Year trees, which are wirelessly connected to a remote by which kids can control the game. The decorations are made in the form of 3D fairy or folk tale characters and/or the images of said characters are embedded on decorated transparent balls surface. Each decoration is embedded with a sound reproducing amplifier or voice chip device with a light source. The decorations are controlled by kids with the help of remotes. This could be a really interesting game for all age children.
How can we forget lights in New Year celebrations? Lights are switched off few minutes before 12AM and then exactly at 12AM lights are switched on to signify the beginning of the New Year. Another interesting patent application (US 2005/0138851 A1) titled “New Year’s Ball Drop” invented and filed by Joseph Vito Ingraselino in Dec 2003. The invention consists of a movable ball on a vertical standing support pole having tracks on which the mounted ball slides. The movable ball displays New Year lights. The movable ball is placed at a height on the pole and made to descent at a particular time. When the ball completely descent, The New year display lights up and the lights placed on ball begin to flash generating a pleasant ambience.
Hope you enjoyed the patent disclosures  for this new year.

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