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What is patent prosecution?

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What is patent prosecution?

After an application for a patent has been filed by the applicant with the patent office, the patent office allocates the application to a patent examiner for examining the patent application. Initially, the patent examiner examines the patent application for its compliance with the formal requirements. Thereafter, the examiner further determines as to whether the claims made by the applicant in his/her invention falls under patentable subject matter as set forth in the Patent Act of that particular country where the Applicant has filed for a patent. nnFurther, a determination is made as to whether the alleged invention has been in the public domain before such filing of the application. In determining as to whether the alleged invention is worthy of a patent and whether the alleged invention is in fact in the public domain or not, there is an exchange of information between the patent examiner and the applicant. Such exchange of information is referred to as prosecution.n

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