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What happens before the trademark office after filing?

BananaIP Counsels > What happens before the trademark office after filing?

What happens before the trademark office after filing?

Once an application is filed for trademark registration, the next step is the issuance of examination Report by the Trademark registry. This examination report consists of objections raised by the Examiner against registration of the Mark. The applicant has to respond to this examination report by overcoming all procedural irregularities, , if there are any and by giving appropriate reasons for registrability of the mark. Thereafter, if the registry requires, the applicant either himself or through his agent can give a representation to the Registrar in the form of oral hearing.

Then if the mark is accepted for publication, it will be published in the journal of Trademark Registry. Once the mark is published, the same is open for opposition for a period of three (3) months with one (1) month grace period. If there is no opposition filed during the opposition period, the mark will proceed for Registration. However, the applicant cannot used a ® symbol unless they receive a registration certificate from the Registry.

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