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What are the different types of patent application?

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What are the different types of patent application?

There are six different types of patent applications, these are:nn1. Ordinary Application: An application for patent filed in the Patent Office without claiming any priority either in a convention country or without any reference to any other earlier application under process in the office is known as an ordinary application.nn2. Convention Application: An application which claims the priority of another application filed in one or more of the convention countries in known as a convention application. Whenever an application is filed in a convention country (basic application), the applicant has to file in India within 12 months from the date of filing of basic application. If applications are filed in two or more countries then the applicant has to file in India within 12 months from the date of filing of earliest application.nn3. PCT Application: The Patent Cooperation Treaty assists applicants in seeking patent protection internationally for their inventions. By filing one international patent application under the PCT, applicants can simultaneously seek protection for an invention in 148 countries throughout the world. nnPCT application does not provide for the grant of an international patent, it simply provides a streamlined process for the patent application process in many countries at the same time. Applicant can enter into various countries within 30/31 months from the date of filing of PCT application.nn4. PCT National Phase Application: When a PCT application is filed in any or all of the PCT member states at the end of 30 or 31 months from the priority date or International Application date, whichever is earlier, the application so filed is known as a PCT national phase application.nn5. Patent of Addition: When an applicant comes up with an improvement or modification of the invention described or disclosed in main application for which he has already applied for or has obtained a patent, the applicant may make an application for Patent of Addition.nn6. Divisional Application: When an application made by applicant claims more than one invention, the applicant on his own or to meet the official objection may divide the application and file two or more applications, as applicable for each of the inventions. This type of application, divided out of the parent one, is called a Divisional Application.n

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