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Can I search for patents in India?

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Can I search for patents in India?

Yes. Indian Patents and Published applications maybe searched on the Indian Patent office database which is available online. In addition to the online database, a physical search of these documents is also possible and is open to public at the patent office. nnThe patents are classified under various classes depending on the content. WIPO, USPTO and EPO have separate classification system under which the patents and patent applications are classified (each patent maybe included in more than one class).nnThe best way to perform a search would be to perform a keyword search followed by a classification search. Both keyword search and IPC class search is possible on the Indian patent office database. Different keywords maybe used to search for relevant results. The classification search is a more comprehensive search involving two steps;nn1. Identification of relevant classes (IPC or EP classes).n2. Searching of database for patents in those identified classes. nnThe Indian patent office database can be used to search all Indian Patents and Indian patent applications. In addition to the Indian patent office database, Indian patents may also be searched on EPO’s online database (http://ep.espacenet.com/advancedSearch?locale=en_EP), or other free databases such as Big patent and paid databases such as Total patent by Lexis Nexis. n

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