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First Publication Date: 21st December 2018
Most technology and engineering companies perceive development of a good portfolio of patents as a key function that enables them to differentiate themselves from their competition, and maintain strategic advantage in their business. Companies adopt various patent generation, protection and management strategies to develop a portfolio of patents. Strategies used by companies for generation of IP include, identifying inventions generated within the company, tying up with universities to generate IP, and acquiring third party IP.
Acquiring third party IP can benefit the company if the company successfully identifies good inventions generated by third party, such as independent inventors, and acquires the same before the invention gets limelight.
I recently came across one such patent pending invention by an independent inventor, which in my opinion would be of interest to two wheeled vehicle manufacturers. The complete patent specification is provided below:

Patent Application

The invention relates to two-wheeled vehicle stand. More particularly to center/main stand of two wheeled vehicles. The center stands which are currently used are configured to pivot between operating and non-operating positions. In the operating position, the stand supports the vehicle. However, it has been observed that the stands that are currently used have some drawbacks, such as, an unintended push to the vehicles results in retraction of stand into non-operating position, thereby rendering the vehicle to fall, further, parking the vehicle on steep surface is always a problem because the stands have been observed to retract into non-operating position when parked on steep surfaces, additionally, the user has no control on the position of the bike stand when he is not near the bike. Such drawbacks are addressed by the aforementioned patent pending invention.
The stand disclosed in the patent pending invention includes a holder mounted on the stand and a piston configured to being released into a locking position and retracted into an unlocking position. The piston is released into the locking position to engage with the holder, thereby restricting retraction of the stand from the operating position and locking the stand; and when the piston is retracted into the unlocking position, the piston enables retraction of the stand from the operating position, thereby unlocking the stand. The piston is operated by a solenoid to which electricity may be supplied by the vehicle’s existing battery. The piston is retracted into the unlocking position when the solenoid is supplied with electricity, and is released into the locking position when supply of electricity to the solenoid is stopped.
The patent pending invention provides advantageous features as mentioned below:

  • The stand may be allowed to retract by turning on the ignition key, and the stand may be locked in operating position by turning off the ignition key
  • This invention provides additional theft protection because, the vehicle cannot be moved unless the main stand is retracted, and the main stand cannot be retracted unless the ignition is turned on
  • The user is in full control on the position of the stand even when he is not near the vehicle
  • The invention enables the stand to be in operating position even when the vehicle is rigorously pushed


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