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Intellectual Property: Weekly Warm- up with IP News Center

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Intellectual Property: Weekly Warm- up with IP News Center

3 Circles of Copyright, Patent and trademark. There is a question mark at the intersection of the circles.

Hello Readers! Hope you all had a great weekend. Let us take a quick look at what happened in the past week, with this Weekly Warm up.

Recent Copyright Decisions

This post authored by Bhuvana S Babu discusses three recent copyright decisions. The first decision which this post discusses is a copyright infringement row between Led Zeppelin and Michael Skidmore. The second decision which this post discusses is a judgment delivered by a US Court, which held that a video sharing website cannot be held liable for copyright infringement for unknowingly hosting older music uploaded by its users. The third decision which this post discusses is about a copyright infringement suit which has been initiated by Disney’s subsidiaries, Disney Enterprises and Pixar against three Chinese production companies.

Trademark Application filed for “English Brexit Tea”

This post authored by Sambhavi Patnaik, discusses the exit of the UK from the European Union. The post discusses the possible implications of the “Brexit” from the EU, in light of Intellectual Property issues. The post discusses Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty which lays down the procedure to be followed by a member nation while exiting from the EU.  The post also contains information about certain trademarks which are being filed for registration bearing the name “Brexit” like, “English Brexit Tea” and “Brexit Tea”.

UNDP issues guidelines for Pharmaceutical Patent Examination

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has recently published guidelines for examination of patent applications relating to pharmaceuticals. The guidelines have given utmost importance to public health. The aim of the document (guidelines) is to provide guidance for the development or revision of guidelines on patent examination processes in developing countries. The guidelines specifically rest on five points including concept of invention, patentability standards, sufficiency of disclosure, flexibilities under the TRIPS Agreement and typical claims relating to pharmaceuticals. The post mentions the countries which have taken steps to incorporate factors of public health in their patent laws. The post also discusses the necessity of making changes in patent examination relating to pharmaceuticals in order to avoid ever greening of patents.

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