Intellectual Property

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trade Marks
  • Trade Secrets
  • Industrial Designs
  • Plant Varieties
  • Traditional Knowledge


  • Subject Matter – Invention
  • Useful
  • Novel
  • Non-Obvious
  • Term: 20 Years
  • Rights: Make, Use, Sell, Offer for Sale, and Import.


  • Subject Matter: Expressions
  • Original
  • Creative
  • Literary, Dramatic, Artistic, Photographic, Sound Recording, and Cinematographic Works
  • Term: Life Plus 60 Years
  • Rights: Reproduce, Adapt, Distribute, Communicate to Public, Public Performance, Public Display …

Trade Marks

  • Subject Matter: Representations
  • Inherently Distinctive
  • Acquired Distinctiveness
  • Term: Perpetual
  • Right: Use
  • Types: Fanciful, Arbitrary, Suggestive, Descriptive, and Generic


  • Subject Matter: Aesthetic Product Designs
  • Original
  • Distinctive
  • Not Published
  • Term: 15 Years
  • Rights: Sell, Publish and Import

Trade Secrets

  • Subject Matter: Any Information
  • Independent Economic Value
  • Not Known to others
  • Reasonable Measures
  • Term: Perpetual
  • Right: Maintain Confidentiality


  • What is being licensed?
  • For how long?
  • In which territory?
  • What type of license?
  • What rights?
  • For what or how much?

BananaIP (BIP) Counsels, formerly Brain League IP Services is a renowned, premier intellectual property (IP) firm in India. The firm started out of IIM-B in 2004 as Brain League IP Services, and was re-structured as BananaIP in 2014.
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