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First Publication Date: 21st December 2010.
It is a busy world and a busy life. People are in a hurry to earn their living and achieve some thing in life. During the rush to fulfill their dreams, they hardly find time to catch up with their loved ones and even forget to enjoy life. That is the point where festivals play a significant role. Nowadays festivals are the only occasions during which people reunite with their dear ones and find some time to enjoy regardless of their hectic schedules. One of such a festival – Christmas has come.
Christmas is a joyous festival. People round the globe celebrate this holy festival throughout the week. They catch up with their family, hang around with their friends and so on. Christmas trees, Christmas carols, Christmas cakes, Christmas songs, Christmas cards etc are some inseparable parts of Christmas celebration. Let us have a look at some interesting facts related to Christmas tree.
A Christmas tree is a coniferous tree, either natural or artificial decorated with lights, garlands, ornaments and stars. Such a tradition is believed to be started in 16th century in Germany. It is kept either inside or in the premises of the house or church as a part of celebration. A few of the top selling Christmas trees are Balsam fir, Noble fir, Scotch pine, Virginia pine, White pine etc. It is an interesting fact that in USA itself around 50000 acres of land is devoted for growing Christmas trees and each acre of live Christmas trees provide daily oxygen requirements of 18 people. The first Christmas tree lights were mass produced in 1890.
On 24th February 1808, J.C Kimsey of United States of America filed a patent application titled “Christmas tree holder”. This is one of the earliest patents related to Christmas trees or even to Christmas. This invention depicts a method of employing certain devices which are attached to upper as well as lower ends of Christmas tree. These devices were intended to provide support for the Christmas tree and at the same time they provided for turning the tree in either direction. Though the invention was filed for patent in 1808, patent was granted in the year 1902.
In the 19th century Xmas tree was made from branches of natural trees. In 1869, a patent entitled “Revolving Christmas Tree” was filed by F. A. Geisler (US90441A). The invention consisted of shelves attached to vertical shaft which were rotated with the help of wind wheel attached to the top end. It helped in exhibiting decorated items on the Xmas tree.
Another patent (US175844A) titled “Improvement In Supports For Upright Standards” was granted to James Wabnee on 1876-04-11 to hold a Xmas tree in upright direction with the help of central support and hinged feet.
By the end of 19th century, artificial trees became increasingly popular as they were more convenient and could be reused and much cheaper than the natural ones. In 1878, John Geokge Wolf was granted a patent (US202085A) titled “Improvement In Artificial Trees”. The invention enabled to produce an imitation of a tree which can be adapted for uniform illumination by gas.
A fully developed artificial Xmas tree was patented (US735010A) by Arthubh Zahl titled “Christmas Tree” in 1903. This enabled to substitute the natural tree with other added features like rotary motion for display of decorations on the tree.
Most trees were initially decorated with candles. The first patent regarding candle holder specially designed for Christmas tree was filed by Gustav Anton (US89270A) in 1869 itself. The patent was titled “Holder For Candles And Ornaments On Christmas Trees”. The invention combined the candle holder with a series of receptacles for distributing variety of ornaments over a Christmas tree to increase the decorative effect.
Later, the candles due to the danger of fire were replaced by bulbs. The first Christmas tree with bulbs was patent (US449044A), filed by Edward II. Johnson titled “Electric-Lighting System”. It enabled bulbs to be used for ornamental and advertising purposes and for display of various kinds of characters, figures, designs, or pictorial representations.
the patent enabled display of ornaments in continuous flashing and blinking with  various colors and intensities.
Thats about christmas tree patents.

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