Dancing with Intellectual Property: A Presentation by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

On December 13th, 2019, BananaIP Counsels conducted a seminar titled “Dancing with Intellectual Property” at its office in Bangalore. The event was attended by dancers, performers, and dance instructors, and witnessed active exchanges on the need for IP awareness for those in the field.
Dr. Kalyan, Managing Partner of BananaIP Counsels, started the session with a discussion on the different types of intellectual property that could exist in a dance performance, and how each form of IP could be protected. He elucidated the protectable elements in a dance performance, and the commercial and legal benefits of protecting each element, and how IP in a dance performance could be monetised. Dr. Kalyan cited instances in which dancers and owners of IP in dance successfully reaped the benefits of awareness and action in safeguarding their intellectual property, as well as instances in which courts outlined how IP in dance may be protected.
Dr. Kalyan along with his colleague, Ms. Ashwini Arun, then discussed the various models of IP ownership which dancers were likely to encounter, citing examples from experience on the importance of well-drafted contracts in ensuring that dancers could retain and exercise their rights. They also deliberated with the participants about the effectiveness of IP protection and the enforcement of IP through online platforms.
The participants were provided illustrations of protectable and protected intellectual property related to dance, as well as insights into how dancers could capitalise on the originality and unique elements in their performances to create opportunities for revenue generation.
The attendees appreciated this first-of-its-kind effort to introduce dancers to the fundamentals of intellectual property and expressed the need for more such events.


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