Star Wars’ New Trademark, Timeless Copyright Law Suit, Garfield merchandise and more

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Entertainment Law News and Updates

Lucasfilm files trademark for “Star Wars: Rivals”

Reports suggest that Lucasfilm, the American film and television production company and the creator of the Star Wars franchise has recently applied for two separate trademarks for the title “Star Wars: Rivals”. Speculations are rife that the title could be for a new animated series that the production company is looking to air on television. The trademarks for “Star Wars: Rivals” were filed under “Education and entertainment services,” and “audio and visual recordings,” respectively.

Entertainment Patent News and Updates

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts sued for patent infringement

Plaintiffs Charles C. Freeny III, Bryan E. Freeny and James P. Freeny who inherited their father’s rights over the patent tilted “Communication and Proximity Authorization Systems,” have sued Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for patent infringement in Texas federal court. The Plaintiffs contend that the entertainment company was ripping off patented technology for use in its MagicBand products, which monitor park visitors’ attendance and purchase history.

Entertainment Licensing News and Updates

Garfield Merchandize to hit stores soon

Fresh Garfield merchandize is set to hit the stores very soon. The merchandizing deal between Paws and King Features will take the character to t-shirts, shoes, watches, inner wear and much more. Garfield fans will have a lot more to rejoice for than just episodes, when the fresh merchandize becomes available in stores.

International Entertainment Law News and Updates

Timeless Copyright Law Suit moves on

Onza has sued NBC, Sony and others for copyright infringement with respect to the show ‘Timeless.’ Onza claims that Timeless is similar to their show, which also involves a trio, who travel in time to stop a criminal from changing the fate of the world. The US judge rejected the plea for dismissal without trial, and the case will now move ahead.

Google and Bing to bring down pirates

The Herald has reported that Google and Bing have signed up for a voluntary code of practice to control pirate websites and streaming based on complaints. Once this code of practice is adopted in UK, it will no longer be easy for users to spot streaming websites and portals that provide infringing content. Watching live league matches and movies also may no longer be easy for internet users.

Emirates Reproduction Rights Forum at Sharjah

Sharjah hosted the Emirates Reproduction Rights forum organized by Publishers, IP Association, Writers and others. Licensing models, copyright clearance, collective management and infringement control were among the topics discussed. The forum aims to develop the creative economy of Emirates and encourage effective commercialization of creativity.

8.3 million dollars for posting infringing photographs

Holding Zillo liable for violating VHT’s copyrights in photographs by posting them on its website without permission, a US jury has granted 8.3 million dollars as damages to VHT. The case was filed by VHT in a Seattle Federal Court after Zillo posted photographs on one of its websites relating to home listing. Both companies are in the real estate business sector.

General Entertainment Law News

Shemaroo and Hathway complete phase one of acquisition

The first phase of a two-phase acquisition of Ten Sports Network from Zee Entertainment Enterprises acquired last year in September by Sony Pictures Networks India and its affiliates for Rs. 2,600 crore have been completed. Following the completion of the first phase of the acquisition, Sony Pictures Networks will now include, Sony SIX and Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN and Sony ESPN HD, Ten1, Ten1 HD, Ten2, Ten 3, and Ten Golf HD.

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