Celebrating the International Yoga day, the Patent way.

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness. Yoga is a 5000 year old Indian body of knowledge. Today it is practiced in various forms around the world. Yoga may be one route to distance children and teenagers from external distractions of today’s world, leading to more focus, and more healthy body and mind.

Today on, International day of Yoga, let us take a look at few patents describing the method of Yoga.

An invention as disclosed in US20070257432A1 titled “Yoga board game and methods of teaching yoga” describes board games and methods for teaching yoga, especially to children and pre-teens. This invention basically explains a board game that comprises of a dice and tokens, and also a planar rectangular board having different paths for moving the tokens to different positions on the board based on rolling the dice. Some of the positions indicate the player to form a yoga body posture, and others instruct the player to choose a card from a set of cards.  Each card will have different instructions on a yoga technique.

The featured image shows the image of a girl performing the yoga posture as described in the invention. The post deals with patents on Yoga. To know more, please click here.
Another invention as disclosed in CN104952295A states a method for teaching yoga to a plurality of students. This invention comprises of a video display which is connected to a video source. The yoga sequences which are stored on the video source are played on the video display. Simultaneously, an instructor will be demonstrating the poses and also assisting individual students while the video is playing, thereby providing instruction and alternate poses to the students depending upon their skill level.
The featured image shows a number of people on Yoga mats ,performing various yoga postures. The post deals with patents on Yoga. To know more, please click here.

Yet another invention as disclosed in US20070057460A1 relates to a method of playing a yoga game. The method includes the steps of obtaining a playing surface sized to receive a person. The playing surface further includes different spaces which provide illustrations of various yoga poses and there are cards that have illustrations of various yoga poses. Further, the method includes selecting a predetermined number of cards and mimicking an illustration of one of the selected cards and mimicking the same illustration on the selected card without looking at the selected card.

The featured image show s the sketch of a rectangular board with sketches of people performing various yoga postures all through its borders. The post is about yoga on patents. To know more, please click here.

Recognizing the importance of Yoga, on 11th December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed June 21st as International Day of Yoga. For people who are stressed out, yoga offers the road to inner peace. On this special day, let us spread the spirit of Yoga for a better health and greater sense  of happiness.

Authored by Anjali Santosh
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Image Source/ Attribution here , Governed By Creative Commons License CC0 1.0