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Trademarks: Facebook and Lamebook settle trademark infringement dispute.

The popular social networking site Facebook entered into a settlement with Lamebook to put an end to their trademark infringement dispute. Lamebook.com is a parody of the popular social networking site Facebook , where everything lame and funny on the Facebook is reposted. This dispute dates back to March 2010, when Facebook has issued a cease and desist notice to Lamebook from using the domain name lamebook.com. After receiving the notice, Lamebook had sued Facebook in the federal court in Austin (western district), Texas. Lamebook argued that Lamebook was not a social networking site and was a parody of Facebook which...

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Trademarks: Good Apple bites Bad Apple in China

The city of Kunming, China, has become the talk of the town after discovery of 22 fake apple Stores in the City, just a week after 2 such shops were shut down by authorities in the city. This is another indication that China is home to the biggest counterfeit market in the world. When the American Blogger discovered the fake Apple Store in Kunming, a city of  roughly 6 million people, that seemed so much like the real thing that even staff members thought they worked for the Cupertino, California  based technology company. Though Chinese authorities moved quickly to close down...

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Trademarks: Canadian Court awards CAD$ 1.4 million in largest ever trademark suit

The image depicts the Louis Vuitton logo, with a stylised and overlapping letters 'L' and 'V'. The company has been recently awarded the largest ever compensation in any trademark case. Click on the image to read the full post.

Louis Vuitton, world’s leading luxury and lifestyle accessories group, announced on 6th July that the Federal Court of Canada has awarded the largest ever judgment in a trademark counterfeiting and copyright case in Canada and awarded CAD$1.4 million for the group and $1.1 million for its co-plaintiffs Burberry Limited and Burberry Canada Inc., for a total award of CAD $2.5 million. Louis Vuitton and Burberry had brought an action last year against Singga Enterprises (Canada) Inc., and Carnation Fashion Company, both based in Burnaby, B.C., Altec Productions and their respective owners and operators, major importers, distributors and on line sellers for...

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Trademarks: ‘TIGER BLOOD’ – Do you want to join me for a drink?

The image reads 'I got tiger blood'. Following the Charlie Sheen controversy over Tiger blood, there has been an attempt to trademark the same for a vodka company. Click on the image to read the full post.

While actor Charlie Sheen is in trouble and is dropped from the famous television show ‘Two and a half men’ for his infamous references to ‘Tiger Blood’, singer Jimmy Buffett is seeking to encash on the recent media hype around the issue by filing applications before USPTO for the trademark ‘Tiger Blood’ for vodka (85265306) and energy drinks (85265307) produced by his company Margaritaville Enterprises. A trademark search for Tiger Blood in the USPTO website will yield a list of 13 applications filed for the mark by various companies out of which 11 have been filed after Charlie Sheen’s comments picked...

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Trademarks: Regional fame equals well knownness- Did the Supreme Court get it right?

This image depicts a page from the Telugu newspaper Eenadu, which recently filed for trademark infringement against an incense stick manufacturer by the same name. Click on the image to read the full post.

To know more about the Intellectual Property services offered by BananaIP (Earlier known as Brain League) visit www.bananaip.com Image from here The dilution cause of action has developed in India via case laws. Some argue that the spirit of dilution has been captured into section 11(2) while some others argue that the Courts in India have led the way in development of the dilution cause of action. Living up to its known activism, the Indian Supreme Court recently pronounced a landmark ruling in the case of T.V. Venogopal vs Ushodaya Enterprises Ltd. & Anr. (decided on 3rd March, 2011) based on the dilution...

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Intellectual Property: IP Enforcement- The Customs Regulations dovetail

To know more about the Intellectual Property services offered by BananaIP (Earlier known as Brain League) visit www.bananaip.com Image from here In a recent decision pronounced by the Delhi High Court in the case ofLarsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) vs Leuci Communications & Ors (decided on 1st February, 2011), the court raised the question that has haunted IP owners for a long time-"...

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GI for Tirupathi Laddu: Whose Interests are Protected?

Contributed by Professor Madabhushi Sridhar, The Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams (TTD) trustees of world’ richest temple on Tirumala Hills secured Geographical Indication (GI) Registration for sacred Laddu Prasadam, from Indian Patent Office, Chennai, recently, raising many eyebrows. It is criticized as its latest manifestation of brazen commercialization of divine abode. Ironically, sacred Tirupathi Laddu now joins the company of goods like Darjeeling Tea, Goa Feni, and Champagne wine etc. What hurts devotees is the way Prasadam is reduced to a commercial product. What is GI? The Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration & Protection) Act, 1999 has been made to secure the interests of...

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