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IP for Start Ups

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Importance of IP For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Part V): Copyrights


  Copyright protects ideas expressed on a tangible form. The expression may be in the form of literary work like website content, brochure content etc, photographic work such as pictures used on website, brochures, etc, artistic work like layout of website, drawings, etc, cinematographic work such as promotional videos, support videos, etc, and so on. Protection of copyrights provides several business and competitive advantages to startups and entrepreneurs. A startup company must protect its marketing materials, documents, websites and so on under the copyright law. Copyright protection over a work starts from the date of creation of the work and registration is...

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IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs IV – Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

Confidential Information is any information that has business or economic value because it is not known to others, and for which, appropriate measures are taken to protect secrecy. It can be any sort of information that fits into the said requirements. Business information, financial information, technical information, scientific information, plans, methods, client lists, designs, and any other such information that has economic value is protectable as confidential information, or trade secret. Protection of trade secrets and confidential information of a start-up company is very important but is generally neglected. More often than not, entrepreneurs take decisions or make disclosures based on...

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IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs III – Patents


For a technology driven start-up or entrepreneur, patents form the most important intellectual assets. They provide the necessary exclusivity, and competitive advantage to start, build and grow the business. Patents are also considered as important assets by venture capitalists and investors before making investment decisions. So, every technology driven start-up must ensure that its technologies/inventions are properly protected under the patent regime. Once a decision on patent protection is made, the start-up company must file a patent application as soon as possible. Depending on the status of the invention and financial resources, the company may file a provisional or a complete...

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Importance of IP for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Part II): Trademarks


Choosing the right name/business representation word, logo, device or any other form of business representation is generally the first asset created by an entrepreneur, Often, entrepreneurs finalize on a name or logo and develop strong emotional attachment to it without proper research. While it is important to be passionate about the business and its representation, every entrepreneur must take the following steps before finalizing on a business representation: a. Ensure that the name, logo or any other representation shortlisted is capable of achieving strong trade mark protection. It is well settled under the trademark law that a fanciful (newly coined word)...

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Importance of IP For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (Part I): Patents


Intellectual Property protection can provide business and competitive advantage to a company. While IP is assuming high importance for all companies, its value for a start-up  can be extremely high, depending on the nature of the start-up. While IP, many a time, forms the core of technology/knowledge driven start-ups based on novel ideas, the spectrum of its value varies for others. Irrespective of the nature of a start-up, IP can help in gaining business/competitive value by: Providing the much needed market exclusivity; Providing the tools to sustain and grow the business; Laying a foundation of assets to raise investment and...

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Using Intellectual Property Rights to Build Your Business

Featured image is of the invitation for the Sinapse Intellectual Property Seminar for Startups and Entrepreneurs. To read the post click here.

Start Ups and the Business of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) plays a multi-dimensional role in every creative, knowledge and technology driven company and its role is more pertinent to a start up. Its potential to build a layer of competitive advantage, safeguard business vantage, raise investment, prevent misappropriation and enhance valuation, makes IP an important element of every start ups business and growth strategy. As the value of IP to a start up varies based on a multitude of factors ranging from the nature of business to financial resources, it is important for every entrepreneur to understand IP in the context of his business and circumstances. The emphasis of the start up should not only be on protecting and owning IP but also on mitigating risks from IP of third parties. To put it crisply, if used in the right way, IP can help an entrepreneur start up, survive and succeed.

Regardless of what size or type of an organization you are, to extract the optimal value from the IP generated in your organization, the organization has to be aware of the existence of the IP, the value of the IP, monetary and competitive among others, and the way to manage such IP effectively.

So, come join us on the 18th of September, 16th of October or 13th November, 2015 for a full day seminar to understand the state of IP and its importance for Startups, Entrepreneurs and SME’s.  The Seminar is brought to you by SiNApSE, India’s leading IP industry tracker and powered by BananaIP.

The seminar will cover the following –

Session 1– Fundamentals of IP
Session 2– IP Process and Procedures
Session 3– Leveraging IP to Create Business Value
Session 4– IP Commercialization

Do drop in to get insights about “How to use Intellectual Property Rights to Build Your Business?” from none other than Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Founding Partner Brain League and Managing Partner BananaIP Counsels and Mr. Sanjeeth Hegde (J.D) Partner BananaIP Counsels.

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StartUps and IP: Silver lining for Inventors and Small & Medium Enterprises

The image depicts a man using his laptop and a 'startup' text in front.

Beginning with the inception of an idea through to the development, protection and commercialization of the idea, investments are needed at every step. The huge costs involved in the conversion of an invention to a final product/process, that can be commercialized to yield benefits, appears to be an insurmountable hurdle for several inventors and small to medium scale organizations. The cost for protection of an invention is nearly equal to the cost for developing and solidifying the concept.

The recent fee changes in filing, prosecution and maintenance in several jurisdictions such as India, US, Europe etc., has had a discouraging effect on several inventors and small organizations. At BananaIP, we understand how small scale organizations and inventors struggle to arrange funds for the development and protection of their Intellectual Property (IP) and we would like to bring to their notice, several options that can help them raise the required funds.

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