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Staying in Shape: Weight Loss Patents IV

The image is of a weighing machine with help written where the weight is displayed. The post is about weight loss patents.To read more click here

  Hello there dear readers, it’s Wednesday again and we are back with some more patents which aim at helping you burn that unhealthy fat and get in shape.  While they do not promise a chiseled you in 7 days, they can surely get you closer to that desired look. Let us begin with the first invention - titled “Exercise device”. The invention as disclosed in US 12/341,636 relates to a device for exercising. More particularly this invention relates to a yoga prop used formulation dimensional exercises such as yoga, strength-training, aerobics and meditation. The invention suggests that the fusion of aerobics, strength-training, yoga and meditation is an ideal venue for basic health, weight loss,...

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Historical Patents: To Pin or Not to Pin

A destitute man was nervously twisting a brass wire in his work-shed, trying to think of something that would help him pay off his debt, when an idea struck him. The man was Walter Hunt, and the idea was a dress pin, which we know as the modern safety pin. In his patent filing for the safety pin, Hunt described the invention of “a pin made of one piece of wire or metal combining a spring, and clasp or catch,” in which the point of the pin is securely retained. Hunt received the patent, numbered 6281 on 10 April, 1849...

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Valentines Day Gifts (Love Patents IX): Happy Valentine’s Day!

This image shows two hearts and the words Happy Valentines day, To read more click here.

The day has finally arrived! Hearts, roses, gifts, curious onlookers, etc. are all over the street. It looks like there is nothing in this world to be prized more than true love. On this special occasion of proposing your love and to make the special ones feel more special, here comes a patented invention for all those who believe in love. The patented invention being discussed here is filed in the US with the Application number – US 11362934 and is titled “Vase with greeting card display.” The invention discloses an apparatus for displaying flowers and a greeting card. The invention discloses a...

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Valentines Day Gifts (Love Patents VIII): The Big Day

The image says Happy Valentines Day. The post is about love patents. To read more click here.

It’s the Valentine’s day and many of you might be putting best efforts to impress your partner or partner-to-be. You might have realized the role of effective communication in relationships. What you communicate and the way you communicate can really make an impact and can make someone fall in love with you. As the technology has evolved, there are variety of options for people to communicate each other, which includes audio and/video conferencing mechanisms as well. However, no matter how progressed the world is, no technology can steal the place of good old greeting cards, especially the one which has...

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Valentines Day Gifts (Love Patents VII): Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The image is of a greeting card with the a flower. The post is about a love patent. To read more click here.

  On this eve of Valentines, most of us are looking forward to receiving gifts and most would have already planned big dates, exquisite dinners or indulgent getaways. Love is in the air and it’s time for chocolates, flowers, hugs, wishes, greetings filled with romantic words. The charm of valentine’s day still lies in pouring our heart out to our loved one and greeting cards have always be our companion in expressing our deepest feelings. Yes – the age old greeting card which has its origin as early as 1400’s in Europe. Interestingly the greeting “card” as we generally see it...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts ( Love Patents VI): Surprise!!

The featured shows the heart line and reads with you and wthout you. The post is the sicth post in the valentines day post series. to read more click here.

In today’s digital age, everything from birthdays to weddings to anniversaries have been digitalized. One can always send personalized cards or messages via electronic means, the whole process is cheaper and time saving but for some reason, it does not carry the same charm as a physical card or a gift made pain stakingly. Long distance relationships for instance are majorly based on communication between the lovers through phone or other means. Such relationships are often more difficult to keep than normal relationships. Since this kind of a relationship is mostly based on technology rather than a physical interaction, they often...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts ( Love Patents V):Well Played!

The image is of a jigsaw puzzle game which forms a heart as the post is about love patents

"All you need is love, Love is all you need"- The Beatles Its two days to go for Valentine’s Day, and it’s about time you stepped  up your game. Although you don’t need a special day to express your love for someone, it doesn’t hurt to make this one extra special. A lot of you might be suiting up and you probably will be making dinner reservations, at a nice, posh restaurant. Maybe you will order her favourite wine or  may be you're ready to go all out this time with some expensive champagne. That’s a great plan, but it could...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts ( Love Patents IV): Eat, Sing ,Love

The image is of a a boy giving a girl a heart shaped thing which love written on it. The post is about love patents. To read more click here.

“Roses are red. Violets are blue Nobody can love you, The way I do. This little gift is for you Because you know “I Love you” That’s a cheesy enough short poem. Now, all that we need to do is to give these lyrics some tune and you are all set for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. But hasn't this been done to death? Time to think outside of the box.We have already had a bunch of posts now suggesting some gifts that will make for a good valentine gift. And this post is no different. There is certainly nothing better than your favorite food singing your favorite...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts ( Love Patents III): You Had Me at Chocolate

The image is of a chocolate. The post is about a loave patents. To read more click here.

  Love is in the air, isn’t it? Valentine’s Day is only 4 days away and I presume some us will definitely end up shopping for our significant other on the very last moment. But do not panic, we have an easy, tried and tested solution for you. Chocolates! Who doesn’t like chocolates? Chocolates can never go out of fashion and this gift works every time. Chocolate is sinfully delicious and let’s not forget it is also an aphrodisiac! So we bring to a brand new way of gifting chocolates, remember it’s good to keep things fresh. The invention as disclosed in CN202016626U...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts ( Love Patents II) :Tie The Lovers Knot

The image is of a sketch of a half broken heart and it says you complete me. The post sia about love patents.To read more click here.

An interesting patent application filed in China describes a lover's knot. This can be your first step before tying the final wedding knot if you do decide to take it all the way. The lover's knot is in the shape of a heart divided into two parts. One for the boy, and one for the girl. The parts can be linked with each other to make the heart. The idea is that linking the halves together is a symbol of union of hearts. Once the boy and girl decide to tie the lover's knot, they are symbolically making a promise to...

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