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Women’s Day Series: The woman behind the syringe patent

The image is of a syringe as the post is about the first syringe patent. To read more click here.

Everyone is well aware about the medical syringe consisting of a cylinder with a nozzle and a piston for injecting or withdrawing fluids. But most of us don’t know the history behind it which has helped mankind over the past 120 years. Here is an interesting post that gives you an insight to the history of the medical syringe. On Feb 12, 1896, Letitia Mumford Geer, an American lady filed for a patent application that discloses a medical syringe. Letitia Mumford Geer was granted a patent for the same in 1899. Letitia is credited with the invention of medical syringe that...

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Women’s Day Series: A patent that made your long drives more comfortable

The image is of a car heater as the post is about the history of car heater. To read more click here. To read more click here.

“We must look to the limitless potential that lies ahead. To win the future, we must equip the young women of today with the knowledge, skills and equal access to reach for the promise of tomorrow” - President Barack Obama It might come as a surprise to some of us but it was actually against the law for women to file patents in their own names, until the late 1800s. This meant that they had to file their inventions under their husband’s or father’s name. Women being the real architects of our society, their achievements are often overlooked. Today let us talk...

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Women’s Day Series: Mary Anderson – Patentee of clear vision.

The image is of Mary Anderson, patentee of the windsheild wiper. The post discusses about her and her invention. To read more click here .

"As the world evolves, so too does the growing role of women who are proving their infinite capabilities in today's complex workplace, and exhibiting a new usefulness now and for the future."- Mary Anderson You may have never heard of the inventor featured in this post, but you have most definitely used her invention a hundred times, especially during rain or snow.  Mary Anderson (1866-1953), was a native of Birmingham, Alabama. She was an American real estate developer, rancher, viticulturist and an inventor. The credit of inventing one of the most simple and crucial piece of technology used in all modern day vehicles is attributed...

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Women’s Day Series: Patented inventions by some real life heroines

The image is of a fire escape as the post talks about the first fire escape patent. To read more click here.

"Women are always saying, 'We can do anything that men can do.' But Men should be saying, 'We can do anything that women can do.'" —Gloria Steinem Hello readers, as most of us may know 8th March is celebrated as International Women’s day. The day is celebrated to honour women’s achievements all over the world, without any regards to restrictions like race, language, ethnicity etc. Even though the International Women’s Day celebration has its roots in the activities of labour movements at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe, with time it has acquired a day...

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Historical Patents II: Bread- The Slice of Life

Featured image is of two slices of bread in a toaster as the post is about bread patent. To read more click here.

  “There is not a thing that is more positive than bread.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky   Some things are forever, like bread. For over 30,000 years bread has been an important part of our diet. And throughout most of the history, we either bought bread loves from the bakers or baked it ourselves; until one man changed the way bread was sold. On 7 July 1928, first automatically sliced bread loaves were produced in Chillicothe, Missouri, using a machine invented by Mr. Otto Rohwedder, an Iowa-born, Missouri-based jeweller who exhibited entrepreneurship streak since his childhood. Rohwedder started working on a machine that would automatically slice...

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Young Intellectuals: Intellectual Property Insights

The image is of the IP book Young Intellectuals. To know more click here

Intellect breeds wisdom, and wisdom begets knowledge. Intellectuals push the boundaries of knowledge and creativity, and with these sharp minds around, the world is always dynamic. Often, a peek into minds of intellectuals gives insight and foresight beyond the ordinary. 'Young Intellectuals' takes a look into minds of select IP Professionals, whose contributions are making more than a noteworthy difference to the progress of science and creative arts. Patents, MNCs, and India Strategy: R. Lakshminarayanan Role of IP/ Patents in Indian Companies: Nilesh Puntambekar Patents in Electronics and Telecommunications Industry: Nitin Nair Pharma Patent Strategy for India: Vinita Radhakrishnan Prosecuting Mechanical and Automotive Patents: Somashekar...

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Keeping your eyes on the prize: Weight Loss Patents V

The image is of a weighing machine with help written where the weight is displayed. The post is about weight loss patents.To read more click here

  Burning the extra fat deposit and shedding some weight is definitely a good idea. In addition to obvious health benefits, it’s proven that being physically fit and living healthy can improve your confidence level as well.  Well, we all know this theory. Many have tried or are still trying, or at least intend to shed some weight. But the real test is to find that motivation which will help you keep going. Unlike weight gain, weight loss is definitely a slow process and the pace at which one can reduce weight depends on many factors such as diet and work...

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Computer Related Inventions Examination Guidelines say NO to Software Patents

Computer Related Inventions Examination Guidelines and Software patents

On the 21st of August, 2015 the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks issued “Guidelines for Examination of Computer Related Inventions (CRIs)”. A month later, some of the most well noted Institutions, Organizations and Individuals expressed their concerns over the issued guidelines for Examination of Computer Related Inventions, in a joint letter to the PMO. The post from Sinapse that covered this news is available here. Later in December 2015, the guidelines were kept in abeyance until discussions with stakeholders could be completed and contentious issues resolved. Now, on 19th February, 2016, the Office of the Controller General...

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Ready for Patent grants in 18 months?

The Image is of the launch of the Make in India campaign. The post is about patents and make in india. To read more click here.

Most people who have filed for a Patent in India will definitely understand the phrase “Life is too short to wait”. Narrowing this concept to the life of a Patent, it is as short as 20 years. The Patent grant system in India is a rather slow process and easily eats up more than a quarter of the Patents Life. Furthermore, in the absence of a concept like the “Patent term adjustment” followed in the United States, filing a Patent in India can diminish the prospects of a good return in good time. The world is growing exponentially and so is...

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Ringing Bells and Freedom 251 – Free From Patent and IP Concerns? – Part I

Freedom 251 promotional image. The post is about patent infringment. to read more click here.

The launch of Freedom 251, the Rs. 251 (about 4 dollars) mobile phone has set off a storm in India. Consumers eager to get one for themselves have been hounding the website in numbers that the website has now crashed. Ringing Bells, the company that launched the phone, has either not planned, or not expected such a response. While Ringing Bells tries to clear out the web crash issue, trouble has started brewing from IP quarters. Many IP and patent holders of mobile technologies are now questioning how it is possible to make such a phone without violating Patents and other...

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