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Reduction in Patent fees, Faster patent grants now? New WIPO IP Portal and more

India and foreign patent news

Ministry proposes to slash patent fees for MSME, Patent Rules Amended - Expedited examination option now available to women applicant, Government institutes and others, BEL establishes Product Development and Innovation Centre (PD & IC), in Bangalore, IBM files patent infringement suit against Zillow, European Commission releases Intellectual Property Rights Report 2019. Patent News Updates from India Ministry proposes to slash patent fees for MSME Piyush Goyal, the Minister for Commerce and Industry tabled a proposal last week to reduce the patent & design fees for MSME’s. According to the release from the Press Information Bureau, the Government intends to cut down fees for...

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Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2019 come into effect

Patent Amendment Rules 2019

Nine months after the Central government first notified the draft Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2018 on the 4th of December 2018, the Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2019 have now come into effect through a notification by the Central Government on the 18th of September 2019 in its official gazette. In line with the draft rules, the new rules now primarily entitle the following categories of patent applicants to seek expedited examination of their patent applications: Small entities / MSME’s; Female applicants; Departments of the Government; Institutions owned or controlled by the Government; Institutions wholly or substantially financed by the Government; Government companies;...

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Filing Design Applications Online in India

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Industrial designs or design patents (as commonly referred to in the US) refers to the shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation or composition of lines or colour or combination thereof applied to any article whether two dimensional or three dimensional and capable of judged solely by the eye. In the simplest words,  it refers to the way a product looks. As for what can be protected under the designs law? nearly any and every article that can be manufactured can be protected as a design so long as it meets some basic requirements of novelty and originality. For example: Carpets, Mats,...

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IPR policy guidelines published, Heads of UKIPO, EPO and USPTO discuss global patent system and more

India and foreign patent news

DPIIT floats draft guidelines for implementation of IPR policy in academic institutions, Capcom wins patent infringement lawsuit in Japan, Bridgestone claims victory in China in patent infringement case, Heads of UKIPO, EPO and USPTO discuss global patent system and more patent news. Patent News updates from India DPIIT floats draft guidelines for implementation of IPR policy in academic institutions The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has published a 23-page ‘Draft model guidelines on implementation of IPR policy for Academic Institutions’ prepared by the Cell for IPR Promotion & Management (CIPAM). The draft proposes guidelines in respect of Ownership of...

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Patent statistics – general dip in publications and grants this week.

weekly patent news - Patent statistics

These patent and design statistics have been compiled from the official journal of the patents and designs office published by the patent office every week on Fridays. These statistics are presented to you by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Patent Firm. Indian Patent Statistics A total of 887 patent applications have been published in the 37th issue of the Patent Journal, 2019. Out of the 887 applications published in the journal, 45 applications account for early publications while 842 applications account for ordinary publications or publications occurring after the 18 – month period. A total of 358 applications...

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Wacky Patents 1 – Method of Presenting Beer

The image depicts a Bottle of beer being poured into a Glass. This image is relevant as the post deals with patent issues for the style of presenting beer. Click on the image for more information

This post was first published on November 12, 2014.


There is nothing more refreshing than a pint of chilled beer and a hearty chat with friends after a generally lousy week. But beware! You may be infringing a patent while sipping down the chilled “barley juice”. Here is why – Below is the description of a patent granted for the “Method of Presenting Beer” which is our Wacky Patent No. 1.

US Patent No. 8,240,155 B2 relates to a Method of Presenting Beer. Filed in August, 2007, the patent was granted in August, 2012, which means that the patent is still in force. Here is how the invention actually works. The problem sought to be solved by this invention is regarding beer being served chilled. Beer is normally served at a temperature above zero degrees since chilling beer to near zero degree results in loss of flavor. So the inventor, Kevin Dale, came up with this invention to serve beer chilled at near zero temperature without compromising on taste.

Wacky Patents 3: Earth Orbital Bombs as Nuclear Deterrents

This image depicts a nuclear explosion which looks like a Mushroom creating a shockwave over a specified area. This image is relevant as the article deals with Earth Orbital bombs as Nuclear Deterrents. Click on the image for more information

This post was first published on December 05, 2014.


The world is facing a lot of problems like energy crisis, border disputes, international security issues and the deadliest of all, the Nuke! The world is trying to combat these issues, both individually and collectively, and yet is unable to come up with a comprehensive solution. But Arthur Paul Pedrick came up with a one-stop shop for all global concerns with his invention titled, Earth Orbital bombs as Nuclear Deterrents.

The patent specification starts off with a philanthropic note saying that the invention is concerned with the means for meeting the world’s so-called “energy-crisis”. But then speaks of what the invention is actually about, when the specification discloses that, in particular, the invention deals with “…the provision of a system of orbital nuclear bombs whereby distrust between nations may be removed to the extent that they can release the deuterium and tritium in their stored nuclear bombs to allow it to be used for peaceful purposes i.e., more particularly for the generation of electricity…”

From China with Love: The Xiaomi Story

This image depicts a brand new MI 3 Phone which is a product of Xiaomi. This image is relevant as this article is all about the entry of Xiaomi into the Indian Market. Click on this image for more information

This post was first published on December 19, 2014.


Just a few months ago, this particular cellular company took the market by storm and made its stand in the 3rd rank of the world’s cellular companies. It not only pleased consumers, but also gave tough competition to leading brands in the market. As a matter fact, the phones sold like hot cakes within minutes of its release on one of the biggest online shopping destinations, Flipkart. More recently, the company got into a patent spat, the first of them, with another biggie, Ericsson. Even more recently, the ban was partially lifted.

Xiaomi is the name that jumps to mind immediately. This phone gained all the stardom due to its amazing specifications. It did not provide any specification out of the box when compared to its competitive brands but what it did provide was all the highly featured specifications which the leading brands sell for very high cost. Xiaomi sold the same specifications for half the cost. This low cost phone with high end specifications was then known to be a “Chinese iPhone”. Xiaomi, having moved out of China, has made its stand in seven countries in Asia and is on track to sell 60 million smartphones this coming year.

Weekly Patent News Bulletin: Qualcomm and L.G Electronics sign patent license agreement, New Balance sues Nautica and more

India and foreign patent news

Patent News Headlines: Kochi based incubation center Maker Village wins 'Incubation Center of the Year' award, Famed Shoemaker, New Balance alleges design infringement by well known lifestyle brand Nautica, Qualcomm and L.G Electronics sign new patent license agreement, Hytera’s Motion to Dismiss patent infringement suit fails in US Court and more patent news. India Patent News Updates IPPOF awards Maker Village for being an outstanding incubation center in the field of Intellectual Property The IP Promotion Outreach Foundation (IPPOF) presented an award to Maker Village, India’s biggest electronic hardware incubation center based in Kochi, for its incomparable contribution in the field of Intellectual...

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Interesting Patents and Inventions of the week

Interesting inventions of the week

This week's interesting inventions have been identified  and extracted from the 34th issue of the Patent Journal, 2019. This information is presented to you by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Patent Firm. Interesting Inventions of the Week Invention 1 : BRAILLE TABLET Patent Applicant – RAI, Khushwant Patent Application No.  – 201811035031 A Abstract – “The present invention relates to a new technology Braille Pad or tablet for reading Braille script output on an electronic tablet comprising a touch screen on the front side wherein touch screen is used to operate the tablet and take input data using multilingual text...

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