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Patent: Survival of the Fittest: Will the melon extract patent survive the TKDL attack?

The image depicts melons in India.

The recent buzz going on in the patent world questioning the patentability of the Melon extract patent got me interested in the issue and forced me to check the prosecution history of the patent application provided in the EPO register. One thing led to another and I found my self analyzing the patentability of the invention which I though t is worth sharing with you all. Your critical comments and feedback are welcome. The Patent application no.EP1747786 filed by a Spanish enterprise by the name PERDIX EUROGROUP S L deals with a natural product based on vegetal ingredients with anti-vitiligo therapeutic...

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Patent: Chemtura Corp v. Union of India & Ors- Section 8 Patent Act Crystallized

Characters are pulling a rope written PATENT on top as this article is about Indian Patent Law Basics

This is an additional note on the edifying post by Dr. Kalyan titled "Scope of Government Use Exemption in India" dated 14th December 2009. In the case of Chemtura Corp. v. Union of India & Ors. apart from the Government Use exemption another issue that was perhaps highlighted for the first time in Indian Courts related to Section 8 requirement of the Indian Patent Act 1970. As per section 8 there is a two fold obligation on the applicant viz. firstly to file along with the application a statement setting out the detailed particulars of the application filed by such applicant...

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