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Open Source: Are Open Source Applications excluded from Windows Marketplace? – An Analysis of the Agreement

This is in furtherance of my earlier post on Microsoft's agreement terms against open source applications. An analysis of the provisions of Windows® Phone Marketplace Application Provider Agreement indicates that Microsoft does not want open source applications in the Windows Marketplace. The definitions clause of the agreement provides a definition for "Excluded License", which reads as follows:"1. l. “Excluded License” means any license requiring, as a condition of use, modification and/or distribution of the software subject to the license, that the software or other software combinedand/or distributed with it be (i) disclosed or distributed in source code form; (ii) licensed...

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Intellectual Property: Open Source Community unhappy with Microsoft

  Windows Marketplace, a Microsoft's initiative, is a place where people can browse and download applications developed by third parties. It is an initiative to encourage development of applications by third parties for Windows. Members of the open source community is alleging that Microsoft Application Provider Agreement, which must be accepted to submit an application to the Marketplace excludes open source software based applications. In other words, as per the agreement, any software including open source or free software cannot be distributed on Windows Marketplace.  The actual intent of Microsoft, which has off late been friendly to open source software...

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Intellectual Property: Marrying Open Standards and Open Source

The image depicts the Open Source logo

Standards can either be open or closed based on the manner of their creation and their accessibility to the public. A standard that is created through public or community participation without any restrictions and can be used or implemented by any one are called open standards. A standard that is developed by and limited to one or more persons is a closed standard. All proprietary standards are closed standards. The basic tenets of open source software are availability of source code, rights to copy, modify and distribute the software, movement of license along with software and so on. The objectives of...

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General Public License: Bunny Combat Game removed from AppStore

This image depicts the cover shot of the HD game Lugaru. This game was created and distributed open source and was recently removed from the Android App store. Click on the image to read the full post.

The source code of Lugaru HD, a combat game involving a bunny is made available under the General Public License (GPL) by Wolfire. Though the source code of the game is made available under an open source license, the rights with respect to the characters, graphics, audio and other aspects of the game are held by Wolfire, which sells the game package for 9.99 dollars. Lugaru was recently made available for download by an unknown person on the Mac AppStore for just 0.99 dollars. After receiving a complaint from Wolfire, the infringing game has recently been removed from the AppStore...

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