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Intellectual Property: Presentation on Software and Music Licensing by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala

This image depicts the title software/music licensing. This image is relevant because this post talks about a presentation on the said topic presented by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala. Click on the image to view full post.

[slideshare id=45505179&doc=softwareandmusiclicensing-150306003703-conversion-gate01] The presentation herein was given by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala. It deals with the different types of IP, assignment and licensing. Important clauses such as Recitals, Definitions, Grant, Royalties, Term & Termination are discussed. All of these are explained with the help of examples. Open Source licenses are talked about in detail. Licenses and their types with a special focus on music licensing brings about the close of the presentation....

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Intellectual Property: Open Source Software proves to be a worthy underdog!

The image depicts the Open Source logo.

This week’s open source news is about a small, but significant victory of open source software over closed software giant, Microsoft. As a result of Microsoft's decision to draw the curtains on all technical and security support for Windows XP and Office 2003 operating system users, the colours of open source software fly high once again! On its website, Microsoft explained the phasing out of support for Windows XP and encouraged customers to move to the modern, Windows 8.1 for better support. Microsoft also announced that it would expose and make Windows XP and Office 2003 OS systems vulnerable to malware. It...

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Open Source: SAP to be developer friendly

This image depicts the SAP logo, which has the letters S, A and P n white in a blue rectangle with the bottom right corner folded off. This post talks about how SAP is to be more user friendly. Click on the image to read the full post.

Recently, SAP has made a series of announcements in a drive to invite more developers to launch the HANA in-memory computing platform. The series of announcements include the release of its unified developer license, which shall govern most of the SAP applications and the launch of its cloud-based River application development toolset for the HANA in-memory computing platform. SAP has also developed an open-source service broker for the Cloud Foundry PaaS (platform as a service) that allows Cloud Foundry applications to connect to HANA. Apart from this, SAP has announced that it is releasing a part of its proprietary SAPUI5 framework...

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Intellectual Property: Mozilla’s New Open Source License, MPL 2.0

The image depicts mozilla firefox as the post is about Mozilla Public License

Mozilla, the provider of Firefox and Thunderbird, has released a new version of its license  entitled, Mozilla Public License 2.0. The license is an upgrade from its version 1.1. The license has been approved by free software foundation and open source initiative. The license is shorter than its earlier version and has the following new features: a. Additional patent protection to Contributors; b. Increased compatibility with other licenses such as GPL, Apache and so on; c. Improved provisions with respect to enforceability; and d. Compatibility with new technologies. The last version of the license was created in 1999 and this modification was a much needed...

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Copyright: Public Domain Dedication of Works

This image depicts the logo of creative commons and the version number. This post talks about copyright in the public domain and its relation to the creative commons movement. Click on the image to read the full post.

As I had pointed out in my earlier posts, creative commons aims to make works available to the public  for enrichment of free culture. It has towards this end created an instrument entitled, CC0 1.0 Universal,  for enabling authors to dedicate works to the public domain. By making a work available under the instrument, an author waives all copyrights and related rights in the work. The work forms part of the public domain and any person is free to use the work in any manner. Both commercial and non-commercial use of the work is permitted. The author's name cannot be...

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Copyright: Dance Party with Creative Commons Music – Do you need to pay royalty?

This image depicts a dance party with four individuals holding a pose ready to dance. This post questions if creative commons allows the free use of music, whether commercial use such as dance parties are permissible? Click on the image to read the full post.

All Creative Commons music can be used free of charge if certain conditions are followed with respect to attribution, modification and so on based on the license governing the work. Private and public use of commons music is permitted without substantial restrictions. That means you can use such music for dance parties, performances, events and so on only with  restrictions on commercial use under certain licenses. With this understanding, a group in Germany organized an eight hour dance party  at two locations. GEMA, an organisation that collects royalties for performances, was notified of the dance party. The information was also given...

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Patent: Android Patent War continues

This is in furtherance to Sanjiv’s article "Microsoft Android patent Deals". Microsoft believes that they have already patented several features that make a phone work better. Keeping this in mind, a senior attorney of Microsoft said that Microsoft will continue its legal attack on various products such as Google’s Android operating system. This gives a clear view of Microsoft’s intentions.Microsoft is gaining more revenue from the licensing agreements made with HTC and Samsung than what it is earning from its own windows phone operating system. The companies would mostly prefer paying compensation rather than getting their products banned. The compensation...

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