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Copyright: Supreme Court stays Royalty rates fixed by Copyright Board

The matter of fixation of royalty rates had reached the Supreme Court last year when various Radio Stations including ‘Radio Mirchi’ approached the Apex Court against the order of Copyright Board for Royalty Rates fixation. On 25th August 2010, the Copyright Board had fixed the Royalty to be paid by broadcasters at 2 percent of the net advertising revenue of each radio station. This 2 percent royalty was to be proportionately divided on the basis of usage of works owned by different copyright owners. In December a petition was filed before Supreme Court where ENIL (Entertainment Network (India) Limited), the...

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Copyright:Idea Expression Dichotomy

The image depicts a quill dipped in ink bottle. The post is about expression of ideas. Click on image to view post.

We all love reading. Fiction, Non- fiction, Self Help, Post Modern Literature,  Verse, and Limericks -our tastes vary. It’s a point to be noted that the authors of the books we love reading so much write exercising the faculties of their brains, ideas stemming from their brains and then expressing it in words, putting it in paper. Therefore, it’s very important that the authors have full right over their creation. But, many ideas arise from something that is already present and in the case of literary works what needs to be checked in, if the expression of the idea is...

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Intellectual Property: MOST POPULAR POSTS ON SINAPSE IN 2010

Sinapse blog is a determination to bring to light various Intellectual Property issues and concepts in India and worldwide. The SiNApSE team believes that we left no stone unturned in making available to you each and every bit of information that created ripples in the field of Intellectual Property in the year 2010.  As this action-packed year comes to an end we bring you the highlights of SiNApSE 2010. Mentioned below are the top 15 posts which elicited the most number of readers. 15. IP Policy and Process Set UP- Why wait for a wake up call!Intellectual Property Policy...

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Copyright: Shakira’s Waka Waka sued for Copyright Infringement

With a win for Spain, the football World Cup is over. But the Controversy for the Famous World Cup Song has just started. The Official Song of FIFA world cup, 2010 ‘Waka Waka (this time for Africa)’  by Colombian Singer Shakira is sued for Copyright Infringement in Zimbabwe. This Song also features South African band Freshlyground. The song has come into trouble after Cameroon singing group, Golden Sounds (Zangalewa), filed the lawsuit against Sony and Shakira. Allegedly, the music is stolen from their 1980’s song “Zangalewa”. According to Zimbabwe Herald, the group came to know about this infringement when the song...

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Copyright: Circumventing around anti-circumvention law

This post was first published on May 6, 2010. Copyright law protects works of authorship by granting a bundle of rights. The rights of an author with respect to a work extend to the expression of the work in any manner including in digital or electronic form. Though works in digital form provide great advantages to the copyright owner by reducing the cost and effort of reproduction and distribution, safeguarding unauthorized copying and transfer of the work is very challenging. In order to avoid use of works by a third party without permission, most copyright owners use technological measures such as encryption,...

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Recently 5 law suits are filed in Washington D.C. Federal Court for copyright infringement against 20,000 torrent downloader by US Copyright group for illegal download of movie Steam Experiment, Far Cry, Uncross the Stars, Gray Man and Call of the wild 3D . Further another 5 law suits targeting 30,000 such real time downloader are contemplated by them. The law suits are filed on behalf of the independent film producers with the encouragement of the Independent Film & Television Alliance. The US Copyright group has taken the services of a Germany based company named Guardaley IT who has developed a software...

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The image is a poster of the movie Avatar. The post of about the various infringement suits brought against the makers of the movie. Click on image to view post.

    After the disappointing results of “Avatar” in Oscar, now the movie has come into controversy for copyright infringement.         On one side, the Chinese Science fiction writer Zhou Shaomou filed a lawsuit at People's Court of Beijing for copyright infringement. Allegedly the movie is 80% copy from his novel named “Tale of the Blue Crows” which was written by him in 1997. He has stated that in his novel the story line was that 6 astronauts travelled to a distant planet and met with blue-skinned creatures inhibited on that planet. According to the author, the alien landscape, events and characters portrayed in...

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Copyright: Aamir Khan’s resignation spurs an interesting copyright debate

Contributed by Sarthak Saran 17/Feb/2010 - Aamir Khan's resignation from the ten member panel constituted by the Government of India to review the amendments proposed to the Copyright Act has initiated a welcome discussion with respect to copyright ownership of creative works in movies. The Copyright Act provides that a producer of a movie would be copyright owner of a work created for him by a person if valuable consideration is paid to the author in the absence of a contract to the contrary. The relevant provision of the Copyright Act is provided hereunder: "17. Subject to the provisions of this Act,...

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Copyright: Indian Authors oppose Google’s proposed Google Book Settlement Version 2

The fate of many Indian authors, who have opposed the proposed Google Book Settlement Version 2 (GBS 2.0) agreement submitted by Google in US Court in November last year, will be decided on February 18th, 2010. The dispute in question involves the Google's Library Project announced in 2004 by Google, through which Google had entered into agreements with several libraries to digitize the books. As a result of which, several authors  brought suit against Google for infringement of their copyrights by digitizing their books without obtaining the permission. In response to the action taken by the authors to prevent the Google...

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