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Entertainment Law: Copyright Infringement : Twentieth Century Fox Film v. Sohail Maklai Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

This Image depicts the logo of '20th Century Fox'. This Image is relevant as the article deals with the legal dispute between 20th Century Fox Corporation vs. Sohail Maklai Entertainment. Click on this Image for more Information.

Image from Wikipedia (2010(112)BomLR4216)Facts: Twentieth Century Fox Film, the Plaintiff in the case, is the producer of the Hollywood film “Phonebooth” by virtue of an assignment agreement. The Plaintiff alleges that the Defendant, i.e. Sohail Maklai Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., haS infringed the copyright of their Hollywood film’s script(literary work) and screenplay(artistic work) in their Bollywood film “Knockout” due to be released on Friday, the 15th October 2010. The Plaintiff seeks an injunction to restrain the Defendant from releasing, broadcasting, communicating or exporting their film “Knockout.” The Plaintiff also prays before the Court to pass an order directing the Defendant to destroy and/or...

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Copyright: Supreme Court stays Royalty rates fixed by Copyright Board

The matter of fixation of royalty rates had reached the Supreme Court last year when various Radio Stations including ‘Radio Mirchi’ approached the Apex Court against the order of Copyright Board for Royalty Rates fixation. On 25th August 2010, the Copyright Board had fixed the Royalty to be paid by broadcasters at 2 percent of the net advertising revenue of each radio station. This 2 percent royalty was to be proportionately divided on the basis of usage of works owned by different copyright owners. In December a petition was filed before Supreme Court where ENIL (Entertainment Network (India) Limited), the...

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Idea Expression Dichotomy

The image depicts a quill dipped in ink bottle. The post is about expression of ideas. Click on image to view post.

We all love reading. Fiction, Non- fiction, Self Help, Post Modern Literature,  Verse, and Limericks -our tastes vary. It’s a point to be noted that the authors of the books we love reading so much write exercising the faculties of their brains, ideas stemming from their brains and then expressing it in words, putting it in paper. Therefore, it’s very important that the authors have full right over their creation. But, many ideas arise from something that is already present and in the case of literary works what needs to be checked in, if the expression of the idea is...

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The image is a poster of the movie Avatar. The post of about the various infringement suits brought against the makers of the movie. Click on image to view post.

    After the disappointing results of “Avatar” in Oscar, now the movie has come into controversy for copyright infringement.         On one side, the Chinese Science fiction writer Zhou Shaomou filed a lawsuit at People's Court of Beijing for copyright infringement. Allegedly the movie is 80% copy from his novel named “Tale of the Blue Crows” which was written by him in 1997. He has stated that in his novel the story line was that 6 astronauts travelled to a distant planet and met with blue-skinned creatures inhibited on that planet. According to the author, the alien landscape, events and characters portrayed in...

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