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RPX acquires patents owned by Apple’s Rockstar Consortium for US$ 900M

American patent risk management company, RPX Corp., entered into an agreement to acquire around 4,000 patents owned by Rockstar, a consortium led by Apple Inc. and other firms for US$ 900M. Rockstar was created as a patent holding entity in 2011 by technology bigwigs like Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Sony and Ericsson, with the intent of purchasing the 6,000 patents from the Nortel Network Corp., for US$ 4.5B, following its bankruptcy. About 2,000 of the most valuable patents have already been distributed to Rockstar stakeholders. The consortium has since filed a number of patent infringement lawsuits against companies including Google, which was attacked...

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Spanish Publishers Suffer as Google News Closes Operations

Spanish publishers suffer as Google News closes Operations

Last week, Google closed its operations in Spain, in response to the new Copyright Law which has made it mandatory for Google, Yahoo and other news aggregators to pay licensing fee to all news publishers for using their stories or snippets in Google News. The regulation, expected to come into effect in 2015, will deal with websites that share pirated content. As per the law, Spanish Government will have the authority to penalize websites up to US$ 750,000 for directing links to the pirated content. Media companies from Anti Google Lobbying Group, AEDE (Association of Editors of Spanish Dailies) which pushed the...

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Creative Commons Prints infringed by Flickr

Yahoo-owned image hosting website, Flickr, has issued an apology for using prints of images licensed under Creative Commons (CC) in its recently launched Wall Art paint service. The month-old service allowed people to purchase canvas or wood prints for images that were featured in Flicker’s CC gallery.   Yahoo had initially planned to retain all the earnings from the sales of CC images, while giving a 52% cut to the photographers of images not covered by CC. The wall art paint service did not violate any of the CC license terms. However, it stirred up controversy when a few CC photographers complained that Flickr was...

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Royalties for Singers – Delhi High Court passes a favorable order

This image depicts a Court Gavel. This image is relevant as the article deals with the decision delivered by Delhi High Court regarding Royalties to singers. Click on this Image for more Information.

For all of us waiting to hear of development in the Copyright (Amendment) Act, 2012, yes, we have some news for you. It is not for Lyricists, or for Music Composers, but for Singers this time! The Indian Singers Rights Association (ISRA) has obtained a favourable order against one of the Delhi based clubs, Night Fever Club & Lounge, that has been playing songs and not paying Singers their due. The ISRA filed a suit against this lounge before the Delhi High Court on December 18, 2014 and have been successful in procuring a favourable order. The copy of the order states that the...

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University of North Carolina Records Extraordinary Growth in Technology Licensing Revenue

This image depicts the University of North Carolina. The University has recently seen a huge increase in commercialisation of innovation. Click on the image to read the full post.

University Of North Carolina (UNC)’s investment into new technology businesses paid off, last year, with its Office of Innovation Commercialization recording an exceptional growth in licensing revenue. UNC recorded US$ 7.9M from technology licenses - a whopping 160% increase in revenues from commercialization of innovation since its inception in 2009. UNC received a major boost in revenue from two of its biotechnology start-ups - Epizyme Inc. and Sarepta Therapeutics Inc., that started yielding results in 2013. UNC receives a lump sum when it sells a company. Mr. Andy Johns, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at UNC said, “The path was paved years ago, it’s...

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Emancipation of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

The image is from the BBC television show depicting Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The post is about the expiry of copyright over Sherlock Holmes which is now in Public Domain. Click on the image to read post.

One might ask, how do 127-year-old immortal characters of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson achieve emancipation? The answer is simple: Sherlock’s free for all now, as a direct result of Leslie Klinger v. Conan Doyle Estate Ltd[i]. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, US, vide Order dated June 16, 2014, clarified that the characters of the Sherlockean World, creations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, are in the public domain now, as their copyright expired as early as 1997. With the exception of 10 Sherlock stories written between 1923 and 1927, the copyright has expired on all other 46 stories and...

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Intellectual Property and Licensing – Presentation by Dr. Kalyan at IIM, Bangalore

This image reads Intellectual Property and licensing. THis image is relevant because this post talks about a presentation given by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at IIM Bangalore on the said topic. Click on the image to view full post.

This presentation, delivered by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala at IIM, Bangalore, gives an overview of intellectual property and licensing. Starting with an introduction to Intellectual Property and its species, Dr. Kalyan introduces some licensing concepts. Through recent cases and examples, Dr. Kalyan provides a basic understanding of the nature of licensing transactions and types of licenses.

You Do Not Have to Move Heaven and Earth to Increase IP Filings

This image depicts a bird catcher capturing the ides of another person. This image is relevant because this post talks about IP Mining and IP Audit. Click on the image to read the full post.

It may not be widely accepted but it is common knowledge that most knowledge-driven companies, sit on their intellectual assets/intellectual property until it’s too late. Some may fail to recognize their valuable IP, others may show apathy, and others may not know what to do with the IP that they stumble upon. Even most IP-savvy companies sometimes fall into one of these three types. That being said, when a company does decide to increase its IP revenue, IP filing seldom proves to be a difficult task. All that the company will have to do is look inside through a powerful microscope, into its heaps of knowledge or just hire experts to do it for them.

Organizing an IP mining/audit exercise is one way of kick-starting or increasing IP filings. Several business-driven organizations, research/educational institutions have taken up IP mining/audit exercises in an effort to uncover their intellectual assets to take them forward for filing. Though these results may vary based on the nature of the organization, the field of technology and the business objectives among other factors, one important result is usually common: the exercise helps in identifying Unprotected, Valuable IP.

Fundamentals of IP and Licensing – A Presentation by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala at IIMB

This presentation gives an overview of intellectual property and its various species. It discusses some important types of IP such as patents, copyrights, designs, trademarks, trade secrets and so on, in the light of their relevance to business. Then, the presentation moves onto IP licensing, taking music licensing as an example. The nuances of music licensing are explained during the rest of the presentation. [slideshare id=31794624&doc=funipandlicensing-140301073125-phpapp02] The talk, unfortunately, not a part of this post, is filled with interesting examples and cases, both from courts and experience. This Fun IP presentation has been delivered several times at various forums and we hope...

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Licensing IP – A Presentation by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala

The presentation on IP Licensing by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala at IIMB [slideshare id=31373245&doc=licensingip-140219005238-phpapp01] The presentation on IP Licensing by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala at IIMB, gives an insight into the basics of licensing intellectual property. Beginning with a short introduction to the rights granted by IP, the presentation moves to some types of licenses based on the nature of transaction, field, type etc. Kalyan then delves into the process of licensing and various steps involved in it, by taking patent licensing as an example. Some time is spent on specific aspects in the process such as building a portfolio for licensing, evaluating and valuing...

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