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Intellectual Property

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Business Value of IP – A Presentation for United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)

This presentation gives an overview of the value of IP for businesses, especially SMEs. The presentation was delivered for the plastics and machine tools industry in Delhi, and has specific examples to suit the said industries. [slideshare id=28587633&doc=businessvalueofip-131124231510-phpapp01]   The presentation can be accessed here By Dr. Kalyan...

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Inventive Step – Technical Advance

  In a recent case decided by the IPAB at a circuit sitting bench in Delhi on 5th July 2013, the Appellant (Electronic Navigation Research Institute, Tokyo) claimed that it had invented “A Chaos Theoretical Exponent Value Calculation system” and applied for patent under 3624/DELNP/2005. The Deputy Controller held that the functions of the this system was based on mathematical method for solving mathematical equations, and declined to accept the technical effect theory followed under European Patent law, as he was of the opinion that the Indian patent law does not allow patents for mathematical methods which have a technical effect,...

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Section 3(ka): A Decision on a Patent Application Related to Mathematical Methods

The IPAB (Intellectual Property Apellate Board) issued an order regarding patentability of a patent application which claimed a specific application of a mathematical method. 3624/DELNP/2005 was filed as a National Phase application by Electronic Navigation Research Institute, Japan at the Delhi Patent Office in August 17, 2005 . The patent application relates to a system for analyzing a time series signal by a method based on Chaos Theory and calculating a chaos theoretical exponent value (CTEV) thereof. The patent application claims an application of the method disclosed in the description for analyzing a speech signal. The Deputy Controller, Delhi Patent Office rejected...

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Basic IP Practices for SMEs

Intellectual Property (IP) can play an important role in taking a SME to the next level in business, provided the company takes the right steps in the right direction. While the nature of IP actions to be undertaken by an organisation varies from company to company, there are some basic practices that every company must take to keep the option of taking advantage of IP, open. The upcoming editions of this column will cover some of the most important IP practices. The first step towards realizing value from IP is, gaining an understanding of what IP can do for an organisation....

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