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Salient Features of the Copyright Amendment Bill, 2010

Salient features of the 2012 copyright amendment bill The important amendments proposed in the Bill can broadly be classified into: A. Modifications with respect to Cinematographic works and Sound Recordings; B. Exceptions to copyright infringement; C. Digital Rights Management provisions; D. Statutory license for cover versions; E. Statutory license for broadcasting; and F. Other important provisions. A. Modifications with respect to Cinematographic works and Sound Recordings a. Principal Director in a cinematographic work and Producer of a sound recording are proposed to be made authors within the modified definition of "author "under section 2(d). The principal director and producer are proposed under the Bill to be joint...

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GI for Tirupathi Laddu: Whose Interests are Protected?

Contributed by Professor Madabhushi Sridhar, The Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams (TTD) trustees of world’ richest temple on Tirumala Hills secured Geographical Indication (GI) Registration for sacred Laddu Prasadam, from Indian Patent Office, Chennai, recently, raising many eyebrows. It is criticized as its latest manifestation of brazen commercialization of divine abode. Ironically, sacred Tirupathi Laddu now joins the company of goods like Darjeeling Tea, Goa Feni, and Champagne wine etc. What hurts devotees is the way Prasadam is reduced to a commercial product. What is GI? The Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration & Protection) Act, 1999 has been made to secure the interests of...

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The image is a poster of the movie Avatar. The post of about the various infringement suits brought against the makers of the movie. Click on image to view post.

    After the disappointing results of “Avatar” in Oscar, now the movie has come into controversy for copyright infringement.         On one side, the Chinese Science fiction writer Zhou Shaomou filed a lawsuit at People's Court of Beijing for copyright infringement. Allegedly the movie is 80% copy from his novel named “Tale of the Blue Crows” which was written by him in 1997. He has stated that in his novel the story line was that 6 astronauts travelled to a distant planet and met with blue-skinned creatures inhibited on that planet. According to the author, the alien landscape, events and characters portrayed in...

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